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2014 TechLearn Faculty Grant Winners


The Technology and Learning grant program offers competitive funding to Pepperdine's faculty members to support and encourage innovation in the field of technology and learning.  The grant program has been established by the offices of the Provost and the Chief Information Officer, and is administered through the Technology and Learning department.  This year, we received nine proposals for the 2014 program.

All of the proposals represented exciting areas of inquiry.  A committee comprised of faculty from four schools of Pepperdine rated each qualifying proposal and five submissions were selected as finalists to receive awards.  The following proposals were funded for a total of $41,000:

2014 Grant Recipients

Dr. Sharyl Corrado

"Evaluating Student Response Systems (SRS) in Large and Small General Education Courses at Seaver College"

by Dr. Sharyl Corrado of Seaver College

Co-investigators: Dr. Elizabeth Essary and Dr. Dan Morrison

 Dr. Stella Erbes

"Redesigning an Educational Psychology Course Using Interactive Multimedia Technology"

by Dr. Stella Erbes of Seaver College

 Dr. Jose Santos

"Flipping the Classroom Using Pen & Touch Devices: Developing and Assessing Statistical Reasoning"

by Dr. Jose Santos of the Graduate School of Education and Psychology

 Dr. Edward Shafranske

"The Fundamentals of Competency-Based Clinical Supervision:  Video Training Series"

by Dr. Edward Shafranske of the Graduate School of Education and Psychology

Co-investigators: Dr. Carol A. Falender and Dr. Aaron Aviera

 Dr. Ken Waters

"Crossing Cultures, Sharing Life"

by Dr. Ken Waters of Seaver College

Co-investigators: Dr. Bert Ballard, Dr. Mike Murrie, Dr. Tiara Na'puti, Dr. Milt Shatzer


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