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Flexible Teaching Certificate

Flexible Teaching Classroom


The last few years have provided new opportunities to teach and learn using instructional technologies and online course design in ways that can feel like magic. 

The Flexible Teaching Certificate (FTC) is a hands-on course facilitated by Technology & Learning where you will learn how to become a wizard using modern online tools and the physical video and audio technology in nearly every classroom at Pepperdine. You will also continue to build your skills in Courses, Panopto, Zoom, and other classroom technology. This certificate program is designed to empower you to effectively incorporate classroom technology and other tools that will meet more student needs and enhance student engagement in various classroom modalities (Face-to-Face, Hybrid, or Online).

The Flexible Teaching Certificate will be delivered in a Hyflex modality where faculty participants can learn when and where they choose since each weekly, hour-long, synchronous class will also be available asynchronously. In addition to the synchronous session, participants should plan on spending approximately 2-4 hours per week on readings, videos, online group discussions, etc.

Summer 2022 FTC Program

The Summer 2022 Flexible Teaching Certificate is a six-week program that will be offered from June 19 to July 28, 2022. The times and locations of the live meetings will be determined by the cohort of attendees.




P.S. Your student-athletes, working professionals, international students, and “under-the-weather” attendees will thank you!