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HyperResearch creates HyperHappy Doctoral Students!


Kay Davis Ed. D, Senior Lecturer
Graduate School of Education and Psychology
February 18, 2014
Room 213, WLA campus, 3 PM - 4 PM


The Education Division of GSEP currently has over 250 doctoral students engaged in dissertation research with an increasing number designing studies that include the collection of textual data needing to undergo a qualitative analysis process.  Software tools are expensive and the procedures necessary to ensure a reliable process can be time-consuming and often with a steep learning curve.

In this presentation, Dr. Kay Davis of GSEP and Dr. Paula Thompson, her research colleague, explain their research project to evaluate qualitative analysis software, specifically HyperResearch.  They also highlight the program they developed to train, support, and offer licenses to GSEP education dissertation students, and offer recommendations to others considering a similar program to support student research.