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PKE MBA Student Information

PKE Student

The Presidents and Key Executives (PKE) MBA program offers senior executives and entrepreneurs a complete framework for integrating the strategic and successful management of an organization. It incorporates an appreciation for key executive roles and responsibilities in a changing environment.

PKE MBA Curriculum

Trimester I


  • MBAK 611: Leadership Challenges for Company Presidents and Senior Executives (4 Units)
  • MBAK 614: Creating the Future Through Leading Organizational Change (2 units)
  • MBAK 681: Behavior Research Project (2 units)

Trimester II


  • MBAK 617: Understanding Markets and How to Reach Them (4 units)
  • MBAK 684: Marketing Research Project (2 units)
  • MBAK 698: Issues in Executive Leadership (1 unit)

Trimester III


  • MBAK 616: Industry Analysis and Performance Forecasting (4 units)
  • MBAK 683: Economic Research Project (2 units)
  • MBAK 623: International Business* (3 units)
  • MBAK 615: Strategic Issues in Corporate Accounting and Finance (4 units)
  • MBAK 682: Finance and Accounting Research Project (2 units)

*Please note that this course can be scheduled in an alternate trimester.

Trimester IV


  • MBAK 624: Strategic Thinking (1 unit)
  • MBAK 618: Generating and Analyzing Strategic Options (5 units)
  • MBAK 685: Strategic Research Project (2 units)

Students' academic records are reviewed at the end of every trimester. A student may be placed on academic leave for one trimester by the PKE Program Committee when the student's performance is viewed to be below standard. If a student is on academic or personal leave, reentry into the program will be subject to review by the PKE Program Committee regardless of academic standing. Courses in this program are graded on a credit or no credit basis.

Satisfactory completion of 38 units and faculty approval of a research project are necessary for graduation.