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Applications and Forms

 Course Overload Request

The Fully Employed Programs are designed for part-time enrollment, consisting of up to 10 units per trimester. In extenuating circumstances, students may request to take additional units provided there is a compelling reason and supporting documentation may be requested. Students who wish to request enrolling in more than 10 units will need to complete the course overload request form.

Access the online Course Overload Request form

 FERPA Release Form

Pepperdine University's Student Records Policy, in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) allows students to grant access to their education records to others by completing this form and returning it to your program advisor.

Access the FERPA Release Form online

 Grade Appeal

The Graziadio School provides a multi-level process by which students may dispute a grade assigned by a course instructor in the event that there are sufficient grounds for doing so.  A grade appeal may pertain to either the final course grade or a specific assignment, project, or exam within a course. In either case, students have up to 30 calendar days from the date the grade was assigned to initiate the appeal process. Grade appeals should be emailed directly to your advisor. 

Access the Grade Appeal Guidelines here.

 Leave of Absence

Students who wish to take a leave of absence will need to submit a request form that will be routed to the Program Office for review. A leave may be taken for up to two consecutive terms. If the leave of absence exceeds two consecutive terms, students will be withdrawn from the program and will need to complete a status reactivation application to resume their course of study. Students have seven years to complete their degree program from their initial term of admission.

Access the online Leave of Absence Request Form

 MBA Pathways Course Waiver

Students who have been accepted into the MBA Pathways program are eligible to waive a certain number of units based upon their BSM program GPA. The waiver form is completed before the end of the first trimester in the Pathways program.

Access the MBA Pathways Course Waiver online

 Status Reactivation Application

Students who have had grade activity and were unable to complete the program, excluding academic dismissals, may apply to have their status reactivated if it is within the 7-year requirement for degree completion by completing the Status Reactivation Application. The application is also intended for students who haven't had any grade activity and are returning within 2 years of original admission. Otherwise, students need to complete the entire admission process. Please visit the degree programs website for more information about the admissions process. Status Reactivation Applications must be submitted at least three week prior to your desired term of enrollment.

Access the Status Reactivation Application (SRA) here

 Student Business Card Order Form

Graziadio students have the opportunity to purchase Pepperdine University business cards with their name and program of study for a fee. This is a great tool to use for highlighting your education during business networking opportunities.

Please complete the order form to place your order.

Printing Services accepts payment in the form of CWID# (Global Waves Cash). Funds must be pre-loaded to student ID prior to ordering, via Wavenet for Students or the GET App (GET is University supported application which allows you to transfer funds from a credit or debit card to your student ID in the form of Global Waves Cash, which can be used for purchases throughout the University). Cash, credit, or debit card payments are not accepted.

Prices: (prices include tax)
125 ($27.38)
250 ($43.80)
500 ($76.65)

Once the form has been submitted:

You'll receive a proof via email that must be approved before the print shop can print the cards.
Once the proof is approved, the Print Shop will print the cards and send them to the campus you wish to pick them up from. You will be notified via e-mail when they are ready to be picked up.

 SEER Certificate Forms

The SEER Certificate is available to students in the Online MBA program. By selecting from a list of approved electives, students in the Entrepreneurship or General Management concentration can earn a SEER certification as part of their MBA degree.

To earn a SEER Certificate:

1. Complete and submit the intent form for the SEER Certificate to your program advisor. Students are advised to submit the application after completing 16 units, or upon declaring a concentration.

2. Fulfill the requirements in the following three areas prior to graduation.

  • Academic: Complete four 2-unit elective courses from the SEER certificate curriculum.
  • Community: Join and be an active member of Pepperdine Net Impact chapter.
  • Service: Complete a service project.

3. Complete and submit the SEER completion form in your last term. Students will be advised to submit the completion form in their last term along with their intent to graduate application

Visit the SEER Certificate site for more detailed information.