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Important Dates for Students

Distinguished faculty and industry experts at the Pepperdine Graziadio Business School

Summer 2024 Term

Date Event
April 29 Beginning of Summer Term Classes*  
May 27 Memorial Day Holiday (No classes)
June 19 Juneteenth Holiday (No classes)
July 4 Independence Day Holiday (No classes)
August 9 End of Summer Term 
August 10 Commencement

Fall 2024 Term

Date   Event
August 19-23          BSCI 650 Personal & Leadership Development Workshops (In-person)   
August 26 Beginning of Fall Term classes*
September 2 Labor Day Holiday (No classes)
November 28-29 Thanksgiving Day Holiday (No classes)                                                               
December 6 End of Fall Term  
December 23-31 Winter Break (University closed)

*Add/drop for 7-week courses is the Friday after the first class meeting

*Add/drop for 11-week courses is the Friday after the first class meeting

*Add/drop for 14-week courses is the Friday after the second class meeting

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