2PEP Learning Management System

Student using Graziadio learning management system

Online Graduate Programs

As you continue in the MBA program, we are excited to announce the launch of the Online Graduate Programs section of the Graziadio Community website. It is designed to provide you access to information specifically related to your degree program and tools to help you successfully navigate your academic journey, such as program requirements, instructions for course registration and submission of academic requests. We encourage you to browse the programs section on the left-hand navigation along with general Graziadio Community webpages.

About the Transition to the 2PEP LMS

As we recently announced, continuing Online MBA students will be transitioning to a new Learning Management System (LMS) - from Sakai to 2PEP - which will offer a more intuitive experience navigating through course materials, new virtual meeting software for weekly "live" sessions, 24/7 technology support, and an enhanced online learning experience, overall. This section contains important information regarding the new 2PEP LMS, which will be launched in the upcoming Fall '19 trimester. The information highlights the changes you can expect and outlines the communication plan and dedicated support you will be receiving in the coming months.

To familiarize you with 2PEP, you will be automatically enrolled in an asynchronous technology orientation module. The orientation module will introduce you to the features of the platform along with tools that will be used in the new online environment. To ensure optimal preparation for the new LMS, be sure to allocate 2-3 hours to complete the module prior to the deadline of August 16th. More details about the timeline to receive 2PEP access can be found below.

Embedded in the new LMS is a video-conferencing software (Zoom), which will be used for your weekly synchronous (“live”) sessions, as well as any other virtual meeting you may need to hold with fellow classmates. Given the integral role of Zoom in ensuring a dynamic and interactive learning experience, you will be required to participate in a 45-minute synchronous technology tools training. There will be several sessions to select from and sign-up.

“Live” Synchronous Sessions

To maximize your learning and promote engagement between faculty and students, live (synchronous) sessions are required instructional elements of every online class, and real time attendance and engagement is expected on a consistent basis. In addition, each live session will run for 90-minutes and be scheduled for one of the following time slots (California Time):

  • 5:15 - 6:45 PM
  • 7:00 - 8:30 PM

To ensure the fulfillment of all course objectives and deliverables, faculty may require attendance at certain live sessions without exception. In cases where an absence from a session has been approved by the instructor, you will be assigned work to demonstrate mastery of the required content. Failure to complete this work will impact your grade.

Course Access

In response to your feedback, access to courses in 2PEP will be made available 2 weeks prior to the start of each term. The syllabus and course materials will be posted in the individual 2PEP course.

Student Support

There will be a dedicated, 24/7 Student Support team to help troubleshoot any technical issues you encounter in 2PEP, such as issues with the videos, course content, and live sessions.
You will also be assigned to a Student Success Advisor (SSA), who will serve as your primary resource for program-related questions, requests, and guidance. In the coming month, you will hear from your SSA with detailed information about accessing 2PEP and the orientation modules, signing up for technology tools training and other action items required to ensure your smooth transition to the new LMS.

What To Expect

The timeline below details the LMS transition along with other relevant activities.

  • June 10: Communication from Julie Weigel (your current advisor) regarding Fall 2019 course registration
  • June 17 - 28: Priority student registration period for the Fall 2019 term
  • July 1: Communication from your new Student Support Advisor outlining action steps needed that includes:
    • activate 2PEP and Zoom
    • register for technology tools training
    • complete an updated terms of enrollment
  • August 2: End of the Summer 2019 term
  • August 12: Access academic courses in 2PEP
  • August 16: Deadline to complete orientation course (in 2PEP) and attend technology tools training
  • August 23: Start of the Fall 2019 term