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Forms and Policies for EMBA and PKE Students

 Registration Information

As a student in an Executive program, your registration is taken care of each trimester by the Executive Programs Office. In the event that you need to make a change to your course schedule, please contact the Office of Executive Programs.

 Executive Programs Attendance Policy

Regular class attendance and participation in learning activities are expected of students in Executive Programs. Participants commit to the entire program as scheduled, so their calendars should be cleared in order to avoid any absences.

In special hardship circumstances, participants may seek permission from the Executive Programs Committee to complete their studies with a subsequent cohort. We ask that students please communicate any potential conflicts or circumstances that would prevent them from attending a class session to the course instructor as soon as possible. The student is responsible for satisfying missed course content as well as making up missed class sessions in order to fulfill the attendance and course requirements.

 International Students

International Students can find the Office of International Student Services here.

 Grade Appeals

The Graziadio School provides a multi-level process by which students may dispute a grade assigned by an instructor, in the event that there are sufficient grounds for doing so. A grade appeal may pertain to either the final course grade or a specific assignment, project, or exam within a course. In either case, students have up to 30 calendar days from the date the grade was assigned to initiate the appeal process. Find our grade appeal policy in the Academic Catalog.

 Leave of Absence Guidelines

Students may petition the Executive Program Committee for a leave of absence. The leave of absence petition must be submitted prior to the beginning of the term the student is requesting, stating the reasons for the leave and the projected time of return. Enrollment must be continuous until completion of the requirements for the degree unless the student is on an approved leave of absence. International students in F-1 visa status must obtain clearance from the Office of International Student Services before taking a leave of absence. For more information on taking a leave of absence in an Executive Program, please review the Academic Catalog. 

Leave of Absence for PKE Students

Leave of Absence for EMBA Students

 Status Reactivation Application

Students who have had grade activity and were unable to complete the program, excluding academic dismissals, may apply to have their status reactivated if it is within the 7-year requirement for degree completion by completing the Status Reactivation Application. The application is also intended for students who haven't had any grade activity and are returning within 2 years of original admission. Otherwise, students need to complete the entire admission process. You can find the Status Reactivation Application here. Please visit the degree programs website for more information about the admissions process.

 FERPA Release Form

Student Records Policies

Pepperdine University's Student Records Policy, in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords certain rights to students concerning their education records. Students are encouraged to review Pepperdine's Student Records Policies regarding the right of access and disclosure of student records by visiting the Student Records Policies website.

Withholding Release of Directory Information

Students can submit a request to withhold the release of directory information by filling out this form and returning it to the Executive Programs Office.

 Student Financial Resources

Office of Financial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid is available to assist and guide students through all of the options available for financing the MBA degree program. Financial aid can be extended through grants, merit scholarships, and student loans, depending on the various needs of each student. The Office of Financial Aid is available Monday - Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM and can be reached by calling 310.568.5530 or by emailing


For more information on scholarships, please visit the Financial Aid website. Pepperdine offers Endowed Scholarships and can help you search for Outside Scholarships offered by other organizations. By scrolling to the end of this website, you will find Scholarship Search Engines and a list of External Organizations to begin your scholarship search.

Office of Student Accounts

The Office of Student Accounts is available to assist with your billing and tuition payments throughout your academic program. The Office of Student accounts is available Monday - Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM and can be reached by calling 310.568.2307 or by emailing