On-Ground Course Requests

Taking Classes On-Campus

On-ground courses are primarily intended for students enrolled in on-campus programs at the Graziadio Business School. Students enrolled in online programs may be granted access into an on-ground course on a space-available basis. Requests are individually reviewed by the Program Office and approval is not guaranteed. To ensure that your desired on-ground course aligns with your overall program completion plan, please consult your Student Success Advisor prior to submitting your request.

Substantiating Your Request

Due to the limited availability of on-ground courses, not all requests may be granted. Priority will be given to students who have a compelling and verifiable reason for not being able to enroll in an online course, which may include one of the following:

  • There is a lack of availability of an online section of the desired course, causing a delay in program completion.
  • You are pursuing a concentration that is only available on-ground.

Request Timeline for Fall 2020

Students are eligible to submit the request form beginning Monday, July 6, the first day of registration. Requests submitted by July 21st will receive a response the week of July 27th. Requests submitted July 22-31, will receive a response the week of August 3rd. The final date to submit an on-ground course request for the Fall '20 trimester is July 31st.

Request Form

Please complete the On-Ground Course Request form during the registration period noted above. The form will be routed to the Program Office for review. Please submit a separate form for each course being requested. The On-Ground Course Request form will be available on Monday, July 6, 2020.

Complete the On-Ground Course Request Form

Campus Information

To prepare for taking your on-ground course, please view the following guide for campus information and details for accessing your course materials. In this guide, you will find information on on-ground academic resources, campus locations, and parking. 

Visiting On-Ground Course Information