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BS in Management

BSM Student

The Bachelor of Science in Business is a degree completion program comprising 60 units of upper-division courses intended for students with professional experience who seek to further develop their knowledge and skills and advance their careers. Up to 4 of the units may be completed through Global Business Intensive (GBI) courses, designed to provide students with short-term experiential learning opportunities abroad. The curriculum provides a rigorous and practical education that integrates theory with practice, offering learning experiences that connect to students' own professional backgrounds and career goals.

Curriculum Worksheets

The sequence of courses for the BSM program varies by start term and modality. Specialization track options are only available for the Online BSM Program. Please make sure to select a curriculum worksheet that reflects your start term, modality, and track. 


On-Ground BSM

Fall Start


Online BSM



Specialization Track

Business Analytics

Specialization Track

General Track

Spring '23

Entrepreneurship Spring Start

Business Analytics Spring Start

General Track Spring Start
Summer '23 

Entrepreneurship Summer Start


General Track Summer Start
Fall '23

Entrepreneurship Fall Start


General Track Fall Start

Spring '24

Entrepreneurship Spring Start


General Track Spring Start




Program Start Specific Curriculum Worksheets
General Track
Entrepreneurship Track
Business Analytics Track
Admitted Before Fall '22
General Track
Spring '23 Start Spring '23 Start Fall '22 Start Spring Start
Summer '22 Start Fall '22 Start Spring '23 Start Fall and Summer Start



Program Information

Through the duration of the undergraduate program, a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.0 is required to maintain satisfactory academic standing in both BSM and overall undergraduate coursework. Student academic performance is monitored by the Program Office at the end of each term, and students falling below the 2.0 CGPA minimum are subject to Academic Warning.

Students will be notified in writing of the change in status and potential adjustments to the academic success plan. Students who fail to regain good standing within the time frame specified in the SAP policy will be subject to dismissal from the Business School. Please refer to the Satisfactory Academic Process (SAP) Policy for details.

Honors distinctions are awarded to graduates of the BSM Program who have achieved the required minimum grade point averages in their undergraduate coursework at Pepperdine as follows:

  • Cum Laude: minimum 3.50 BSM GPA
  • Magna Cum Laude: minimum 3.70 BSM GPA
  • Summa Cum Laude: minimum 3.90 BSM GPA

The Graziadio School bestows the additional designation of Dean's Honor Roll upon students completing all BSM Program coursework with a minimum overall GPA of 3.5. For the purposes of eligibility for these distinctions, GPAs are not rounded up.

As a member institution of Beta Gamma Sigma International, Pepperdine selects the top 10% of undergraduate-level students to join the prestigious honor society. The GPA review takes place during the final trimester of enrollment, encompassing grades that have officially posted on a student's record to date. Courses that are "in progress" at the time of the GPA review will not be considered for the purposes of determining the list of invitees to the Beta Gamma Sigma induction ceremony.

Please click here for more information regarding the Beta Gamma Honor Society.

Students may be eligible to waive up to 12 units of BSM course content, based on courses completed prior to entering the Program. BSCI 468 and STGY 479 may not be waived. Requests for waivers may be considered in the areas of accounting, economics, information systems, production and operations management, and statistical methods, if a student has previously taken coursework with the equivalent unit value and content comparable to the BSM course for which the waiver is sought. The previous coursework must have been completed with a grade of "B" or better within 7 years as of the time the waiver petition is submitted.

The waiver request is initiated by the student (via e-mail to the Program Advisor) and must be accompanied by: (a) a catalog description, (b) syllabus, and (c) official university transcript indicating the successful completion of the course(s) relating to the BSM course to be waived. Other documentation may be requested, as necessary, to make an informed decision on the waiver request.

For the purposes of accurately determining program requirements and establishing a degree completion plan, course waiver requests must be submitted and approved by the end of the student's first trimester in the BSM Program.

Information regarding graduation will be disseminated to eligible students mid-way through their final trimester. Students are strongly encouraged to consult their Program Advisors prior to the start of the final trimester to confirm graduation requirements and their eligibility status.

Graduate Program Opportunities

Qualified graduates of the BSM Program are given an expedited path toward completing one of several master's degree programs at the Graziadio Business School, saving both time and tuition expenses. For more information on the various programs, click here.