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Read answers to common questions about the MBAJ program.

  When should I apply to the MBAJ Program?

Students should apply the trimester prior to graduating from the BSM Program to allow ample time to process their application.

  Do I have to complete a global business requirement?

All students must complete a global business requirement. Each concentration has a different class that will fulfill the requirement. Please refer to the academic catalog to see which classes will fulfill the global business requirement for your concentration.

  What are the requirements for the MBAJ Program?

The Joint BSM/MBA program curriculum is comprised of a minimum of 30 units and may be completed in 4 trimesters. Please set an appointment with your Academic Advisor in regards to your curriculum.

  Does Pepperdine offer a major or minor?

Students are able select a concentration in the following areas:

  • Business Analytics
  • Digital Innovation and Information Systems
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Entertainment, Media, and Sports
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • General Management
  • Global Business
  • Leadership and Managing Organizational Change
  • Marketing


Please contact your Academic Advisor to set up an appointment in regards to your requirements.

  If I waived courses in the BSM Program do I have to retake them in the MBAJ Program?

BSM students that waived courses in the BSM Program are required to complete the courses that they waived as a BSM Student at the MBA level. The courses that you need to retake will count toward the total units needed to complete your MBAJ Program.

  If I received a grade of "B-" or lower do I need to retake it in the MBAJ Program?

BSM students that earned a "B-" or less in any of the 4-unit BSM courses must take the corresponding courses at the MBA level. The units for this course do not count towards the total units needed to complete the MBAJ Program, they are added as additional units on top of the units required for the MBAJ Program.

  Can I earn a second concentration or take additional classes once I graduate from the MBAJ Program?

Students may complete a second concentration through the MBA Plus Program. MBAJ graduates will receive a 75% discount on tuition for the first 4 units and a 25% discount on additional units taken per academic year. Classes are offered on a space available basis only. For more information please visit


Please check your Academic Catalog for a complete list of policies.