Behavior Course (BSCI 468)

Your First Trimester

An important component to the start of your degree program at the Graziadio School is the "Organizational Behavior" (BSCI 468) course. In this course, you will learn how to view management issues through a behavioral science lens through integration of conceptual and experiential approaches to self-awareness, perception, communication, motivation, productivity, group behavior processes, leadership, organizational change, diversity, ethical issues, career planning, and the management of personal and organizational stress. The honing of written and verbal communication skills is also emphasized throughout the course.


Personal and Leadership Development Workshop

As part of the "Organizational Behavior" course, there is a Personal and Leadership Development Workshop (also known as the "Behavior Workshop), which serves as an orientation to the experiential and team-based models of learning used at the Graziadio School. The Behavior Workshop requires a weekend-long commitment spent at a hotel (Friday early afternoon through noon on Sunday). In order to earn credit for the "Organizational Behavior" course, students must complete the Behavior Workshop.


Hotel information will be available in your BSCI 468 course within Sakai two weeks prior to the workshop.