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Student Employment | New Hire Information

Congratulations on your new position as a student employee at Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Education and Psychology! We are happy to welcome you to the dynamic team of student employees working on campus at Pepperdine.

You know you have been properly hired if

  • A faculty or staff member has offered you a position as a Graduate Assistant, Teaching Assistant or Research Assistant
  • You received an Assistantship Agreement in your e-mail
  • You completed Form I-9, Form W-4 and GSEP Student Employment Policies prior to your start date
  • You received a Welcome Email from GSEP Student Employment

What you need to do once you have been hired:

  • Setup Direct Deposit
  • Read the Kronos Student User Guide to familiarize yourself with the process to logging your hours on-line
  • Read Transfer Code Instructions (only applicable if you have more than one position at Pepperdine University)
  • Review a copy of the GSEP Student Employment Policies, which you have already electronically signed during the hiring process
  • In the first two weeks of your hire date, watch for an e-mail from the Office of the Chief Business Officer regarding a Sexual Harassment Awareness education program. You are required to complete this online training within two weeks after receiving the notice (your time spent during the training should be reported on your time card). NOTE: If for any reason you do not receive this email, it is your responsibility to follow-up with GSEP Student Employment to ensure compliance with this employment requirement.

For your information:

  • The Bi-Weekly Payroll Schedule provides the pay period dates and pay dates
  • The Hand Time Sheet should only be used to record hours if you were unable to log your hours in Kronos prior to end of the pay period. This must be filled out completely and returned to GSEP Student Employment (WLA Campus, Office 582). NOTE: Excessive use of the Hand Time Sheet may result in ineligibility to continue working for GSEP (please refer to the GSEP Student Employment Policies, to which you agreed).

Setup Direct Deposit

  1. Log on to Wavenet
  2. Choose the “Staff Services” menu
  3. Choose "Employee Self Service"
  4. At the middle of the page, click on "Direct Deposit"
  5. Click on "Add Account"
  6. Type in your routing number and account number
  7. For Account Type, select if the account is a "Checking" or "Savings" account
  8. For "Deposit Type", select "Balance"
  9. For "Deposit Order", enter "999"
  10. Leave the "Amount or Percent" blank
  11. Click "Save" (NOTE: If you do not have access to viewing as a "Staff" member, please contact GSEP Student Employment. This means that you have not been hired into the system.)

Transfer Code Instructions:

If you have multiple positions at Pepperdine University, it is mandatory that you distinguish your hours between your positions in Kronos using the Transfer Code feature. When entering the transfer codes for the first time, it is first necessary to “SEARCH” for the transfer code. To search for your transfer code, please do the following:

Enter your in and out time in Kronos. Click on the cell between the In and Out times in the Transfer column. A small black arrow/dropdown will appear. Select Search at the bottom. Then, a screen should appear with the department numbers in which you have a job. Click on the + key next to the appropriate department number. Then, click on the + key next to STU. Then, click on the + key next to your job code (e.g., 0140, 0189, and 0190). Finally, your CWID will appear. Click to enter a check mark in the box next to your CWID. Click OK at the bottom of the screen. Once you’ve searched and found your position, your transfer code will be available to you whenever you click the dropdown in the transfer column.

Still have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

GSEP Student Employment

West Los Angeles Graduate Campus

GSEP Student Employment
6100 Center Dr., 5th Floor
Office 582
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Phone: 310.568.5787


Hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 3:30pm