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Transamerica One-on-One Retirement Planning Appointments

You need to plan for all aspects of your retirement in order to be fully prepared, so why not start today? Meet with our Transamerica Retirement Planning Consultant, Ronee Dakin, who will be able to answer of your questions from Roth IRAs, to Medicare.


Benefit Financial Services Group Summer 2021 Webinar Series

Benefit Financial Services Group is bringing together their Certified Financial Planners and other subject matter experts in a series of thought-provoking retirement webinars to give you the tools to help you boost your financial literacy and help you make smarter financial decisions.


Kaiser Permanente ImmUNITY Sweepstakes

One of Kaiser Permanente’s new initiatives is the ImmUNITY sweepstakes, which will encourage vaccination while also supporting a full and healthy return to life’s activities. It’s open to anyone age 12 and older who has received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine at a Kaiser Permanente healthcare facility or a qualifying Kaiser Permanente-sponsored vaccination distribution site by July 9, 2021, and all vaccinated Kaiser Permanente members — regardless of where they got vaccinated.


Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Settlement Notice

If you purchased or were enrolled in a Blue Cross or Blue Shield health insurance or administrative services plan between 2008 and 2020, a $2.67 billion settlement may affect your rights.


Pepperdine-Specific Kaiser Permanente Member Website

Pepperdine University and Kaiser Permanente have partnered to create a new website devoted to Kaiser-specific members. The new site allows employees to view all Kaiser information pertaining to benefits, Evidence of Coverage, and much more. It also links to Kaiser's member & public website.


Learn the Benefits of the Anthem Health App

Join us on May 25th at 10am for a 30-minute interactive demonstration and Q&A session of your new Anthem app, Sydney. This is a full-service app that you can use every day to assess your health, receive personalized guidance, connect quickly with a doctor or therapist via text or video chat, and find COVID-19 information.


2021 Mental Health Resources

This year has been a challenging one on multiple fronts. For many of us, this challenge has been overwhelming, affecting our mental health. This is why we've teamed up with our Employee Assistance Program, Health Advocate to curate additional Mental Health resources for you.

Ronee Dakin

Retirement Planning Webinar Series

You need to plan for all aspects of your retirement in order to be fully prepared. This webinar series offers critical information into several areas that are each critical to a successful, sustainable plan for the transition to and through retirement. Specifically curated for those nearing retirement or age 55+.

Ronee Dakin

Own Your Success: A Guide to Beginning Your Retirement Savings

Join us for a presentation that will explain and highlight all the features of your workplace retirement plan so you can make the most of this valuable benefit.