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International Programs will be accepting applications for the IP Faculty-in-Residence position for the 2025-2026 Academic year and/or the Summer 2025 term in the fall of 2023.  An email will be sent to Seaver faculty announcing the application open and close dates.

Welcome Faculty Applicants

Dear Colleagues:

Thank you for your interest in applying to serve as a Faculty-in-Residence. Seaver College's International Programs are uniquely designed to help students grow personally, intellectually, spiritually, and culturally. Throughout the experience, students come to see the world and themselves differently. It is simultaneously an empowering and humbling experience, and as a Faculty-in-Residence you have the opportunity to shape that journey.

Faculty are invited to serve at any IP location including Washington, DC, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. More than anything, we want faculty who are committed to supporting students through every stage of the learning process. By serving as a Faculty-in-Residence, you and your family will accompany Seaver College students on a formational journey through rich and diverse cultures. It is an unparalleled opportunity for reflection and growth, and our Faculty-in-Residence are critical to supporting students and families through that process.

For information on the application process, click the "How to Apply" button above. As you consider this opportunity, please review the FAQs listed on our website. I also encourage you to speak with Fiona Stewart, interim IP associate dean (, as well as other faculty members who have served in the past. They will be able to provide first-hand information on what to expect and helpful information about the particular program in which you are interested. Applications are accepted from all full-time Seaver faculty (fixed-term, visiting, tenure-track, and tenured) who have taught at Pepperdine for at least 3 years. All applicants should consult with their Divisional Dean before starting their applications.

Serving as a Faculty-in-Residence can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your career, and we look forward to helping you through this journey. Please contact us if you have any questions. We are excited to welcome you to the IP family.

Ron Cox
Dean of International Programs