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Information for Accepted Students

Congratulations on being accepted to a Pepperdine International Program! We are so excited to begin this journey with you.

To confirm your place in your program, you must sign and submit your IP Contract by the deadline that was indicated in your admissions notification. If you do not meet this deadline, your place in the program will be released and will no longer be available to you. Read on to learn more about your next steps as an Accepted Student.


 Step One: Understand Your Responsibilities as an IP Student

Before signing your IP contract, it is very important that you understand your responsibilities as an IP Student. Before committing to your program, please do the following:

Attend the Accepted Students Virtual Information Session

Students are required to attend an Accepted Students Information Session in order to learn more about the requirements and responsibilities for students studying abroad. Priority Accepted Students must attend one of the following sessions:

Accepted Students Virtual Information Session

Tuesday, October 19, 2021 from 5PM - 6PM PT (Students will receive a zoom invite via email). 

Students who cannot attend the session above must review the contract information provided below.

 Step Two: Read Your IP Contract

It is extremely important that you READ your IP contract before signing it. Remember that this is a binding legal document, and if you break your contract penalties apply. Please read the sample contracts below and contact us with questions.

Review the Sample Contract(s)

Summer 2022 Sample International Programs Contract

Academic Year 2022-23, Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 Sample International Programs Contract (All programs except D.C.+)

D.C.+ Academic Year 2022-23 Sample International Programs Contract

Sample International Programs Internship Contract

 Step Three: Consult with Family and Advisors

Before signing your contract, you must consult with the following trusted advisors:

1. Academic Advisor

Create an academic plan and ask for approval from at least one of the following Academic Advisors to ensure that you can take the minimum number of units required for your program:

  • One Stop

  • IP Academic Advising

    • Dr. Ronald Cox, Associate Dean of International Programs - Book an advising appointment here

    • Danica Harootian, Manager of Academics & Internships - Book an advising appointment here. 
  • Major Advisor

    • Check your Wavenet and/or Navigate account to find their contact details, and set up an appointment. Best for major specific advice, especially for majors with heavier or highly sequential requirements.
  • Course Sheets

    • Compare your DAR with the Course Sheets for your program to determine which classes you can take abroad. Course sheets are available on the "Academics" page for each program. Find your program here.

Suggested Questions to Ask:

  • Which courses are offered in my program?
  • Which courses should I take to stay on track with my four-year-plan?
  • Which courses should I plan to take before going abroad?
  • How will I meet my language requirement (if applicable)?
    • If you are accepted to an Academic Year, Fall or Spring term for Buenos Aires, Florence, Heidelberg or Lausanne, you are required to complete the 151-level language course prior to studying abroad. 
  • What are the minimum academic requirements I must meet to go abroad?

2. Financial Advising

Connect with your Financial Aid Advisor to ensure that you understand your study abroad costs. If you are receiving financial aid, it is important to understand how your financial aid and/or scholarships will apply while you are abroad. Refer to the Financial Assistance website to answer your general questions and to make an appointment with an advisor.

  • Natalie Helton, Assistant Director, Admissions & Preparations

    • The Assistant Director offers advising on IP Scholarships and outside scholarship opportunities. Contact IP to request an appointment.
  • The Office of Student Accounts

  • Departmental, Arts and Athletic Scholarships

    • If you are receiving departmental, arts or athletic scholarships, visit the department or office awarding your scholarship to understand if you will be eligible to receive your scholarship while abroad.

Suggested Questions to Ask:

  • How much will my program cost?
  • Will my scholarships and/or financial aid apply while I am abroad?
  • Am I eligible for additional scholarships or financial aid?
  • What should I do to prepare financially before going abroad?

3. Family and Friends

It's important to talk through your decision to study abroad with your parents or guardians. Parents should refer to our Parent Resources page for more information, and contact us with questions. Parents and guardians are strongly encouraged to review the sample IP contracts to ensure full understanding.

If you are under 18 at the time you are accepted to an International Program, your parent or guardian will need to sign your IP contract. If you will be under 18 at the time you go abroad, you will need to complete an additional clearance process before going abroad.

Suggested Questions for Parents and Guardians to Discuss with Your Student:

  • What courses will you take abroad? Will you stay on track to graduate?
  • Who is responsible for covering the extra cost of studying abroad? How will we cover this cost? What will we do to prepare financially before you go abroad? Will you be eligible for additional scholarships or financial aid?
  • Where do you plan to travel to? What kind of activities will you participate in while abroad?
  • How will you get to your abroad location?
  • Will we visit you while you are abroad? Will you come home during winter break?
  • Is a visa required for your program?
  • Do you have other special accommodations that will need to be met while you are abroad?
  • How will we stay in touch while you are away?
  • How will you take care of your mental and physical health needs while you are abroad?

4. For additional consultation in the following areas, please consult with the offices below:

For additional questions, please come to the IP Office or contact us at 310-506-4230 or international.programs@pepperdine.edu

 Step Four: Sign Your IP Contract

How to Sign Your IP Contract

1. Login to Wavenet. Go to your Student Center and click "International Programs" under "Popular Links." Next, click "Contract."

2. Read the contract! Seriously. Read it. For more information on what is included, see "Understand Your Responsibilities as an IP Student" above. Remember that you can always click "Save" and come back later if you're not yet ready to sign. Use special care when reviewing the following sections:

  • Flight Policy-  With the exception of certain summer programs, IP will no longer offer group flights. All students are required to book and pay for their own travel individually through Pepperdine's approved travel partner, Corniche Travel. Students will arrange their flights with help from Corniche based on their own unique travel needs. Students can depart from their preferred location and do not need to depart via LAX.  Be sure to review our global policies and our Flight FAQ blog for more information. 


  • In the "Additional Information" section you can indicate special accommodations that you will need while abroad. This information will be shared with the program staff abroad. Please note that you must also register for any accommodations (including dietary restrictions) with the Office of Student Accessibility before going abroad. Abroad staff will do their utmost to accommodate all registered accommodations but cannot guarantee that every accommodation is possible. Please contact the Office of Student Accessibility and/or the program staff for your program for more information before signing your contract.

3. In the "Contract Agreement" section, check the box and sign your name by typing it into the box. Click "Submit Contract."

4. If you are participating in an Internship program, you are also required to sign the Internship contract. To access this, go to your Wavenet Student Center and click "International Programs" under "Popular Links." Then click "Internship." Read the internship carefully and sign your name by typing it into the box. Then click "Submit Contract."

5. You did it! If you are over 18, print a copy of your contract(s) for your records. If you are under 18, you will need to print a copy of your contract(s) and have your parent or guardian sign it. Your parent or guardian should scan the signed contract(s) and email them to international.programs@pepperdine.edu by the deadline stated in your admissions notification.

DC+ Students

Congratulations on being selected for a DC+ program. DC+ students are asked to sign contracts using a different method from other IP students. Details on how to access and sign your contract will be included in your acceptance notification. If you are under 18, you will need to send a copy of your signed contract(s) to your parent or guardian to sign. Your parent or guardian should scan the signed contract(s) and email them to international.programs@pepperdine.edu by the deadline stated in your admissions notification.

 Step Five: Celebrate!

You did it! We are so excited to begin this journey with you. Now that you have signed your contract, we encourage you to connect with your IP Faculty-in-Residence, Ambassador and the other students in your group. They will be great resources for you as you prepare to go abroad. We will host several events to welcome you to the IP family - please visit our Calendar page to see what's coming up soon. 

 Step Six: Prepare to Study Abroad

Preparing to go abroad starts now! We will send you "IP Bound" emails with lots of information, so keep an eye out for those. In the meantime, check out our IP Bound Blog and read about the six steps to take before you go abroad.



Information for Waitlisted Students

As a student on the waitlist, there are several options for you to consider as you decide how to move forward. Read on to learn more about your next steps as a Waitlisted Student.

 Step One: Learn About Your Options

We know that being placed on the waitlist can be disappointing, but remember that it does not mean you are not a qualified candidate, and it does not mean you will not be able to study abroad. Our programs are competitive with limited space available, and we cannot accommodate all applicants at every location. Being placed on the waitlist means you could be admitted at a later date if space opens up in the program. You could also consider applying for an alternate program to increase your chances of an expedited acceptance. You can review the programs and terms that are currently accepting applications on this page.

Waitlisted students are strongly encouraged to attend the Waitlisted Students Virtual Information Session which will take place October  18, 2021 from 5pm-6pm via zoom. Waitlisted students will receive a zoom invitation via email.  

Please do not hesitate contact to IP Office or connect with us virtually to get information on your next steps. We may also reach out to you directly as opportunities arise. Remember that the IP Ambassadors are a great resource if you have questions or need a listening ear.

 Step Two: Consider Alternate Programs

As a student on the waitlist, you can choose to remain on the waitlist for your program. You can also consider reapplying to another program that currently has space available, to increase your chances of admission. 

Since we know all of our programs are amazing, we encourage you to consider reapplying to another program - it may not be what you initially envisioned, but if you are open to new possibilities we are confident that you will have a great experience no matter where you go. 

As you consider other programs, we encourage you to seek advice from your Academic Advisor, Financial Aid Advisor and family. The IP Ambassadors are also a great resource to help you learn more about alternate programs.

As always, we are available to meet with you and answer your questions. Our goal is to help you go abroad!

 Step Three: Decide How to Proceed

Now that you have considered your options, decide how to proceed. You can choose to:

Apply to an Alternate Program

If you were placed on the waitlist, we strongly encourage you to reapply for a program that is currently accepting applications.

If you were a priority applicant and were waitlisted during the first round, please review your waitlist notification carefully for information on your next steps. You will be given a special opportunity to complete an expedited re-application process by using the Alternate Choice Form. Please attend the Waitlisted Students Information Session or review the instructions in the email that was sent to you for additional details.

If you applied after the priority deadline and were waitlisted, we encourage you to reapply for a program that is currently accepting applications. To reapply, go to your Wavenet account and drop your application for your current program by clicking "drop." Then open an application for an alternate program. If you need additional assistance reapplying, please contact us. 

Or, you can choose to:

Remain on the Waitlist

If you choose to remain on the waitlist for your program, it is important that you begin preparing to go abroad while you are waiting to be admitted. This includes registering and taking any necessary course and language prerequisites, renewing or applying for a passport, and attending IP events. While you are on the waitlist, we encourage you to attend IP Orientation and Preparation and Visa Workshops to ensure you are prepared. Keep in mind that being on the waitlist is not a guarantee of eventual admission.

Students are admitted from the waitlist throughout the year. If you are on the waitlist and it is no longer possible for you to be admitted based on visa or other restrictions, we will contact you to close your application. If you are on the waitlist and later decide that you would like to reapply to an alternate program, we encourage you to come to the IP Office to discuss your options.