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Summer 2024 Programs

Campus-Based Programs


Buenos Aires GE Program

With the unique opportunity to live with carefully chosen homestay families, students receive the most organic form of cultural immersion. 


Buenos Aires Upper Division Spanish Program

The Buenos Aires Upper Division Spanish program is specifically designed to take students to their next level of language acquisition and cultural understanding through full immersion into Argentine culture. 


Florence GE Program

Spend your summer in the city where the Renaissance was born and complete your other General Education requirements.

German flag

Heidelberg GE/Religion Program

Standard selection of GE courses with the addition of several GE and upper-division Religion courses.

UK Flag

London May-June Program

Study English, history, or statistics in the city where some of the world's greatest literary works were written, and where history comes alive. 

UK Flag

London July Program

Study sports administration or nutrition in the city where some of the world's greatest literary works were written, and where history comes alive. 

Swiss Flag

Switzerland GE Program

Live and study in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, a region known for its natural beauty and multicultural heritage.

Swiss Flag

Switzerland French Homestay Program

This intensive French Language homestay program is offered in alternate summers in Switzerland for advanced students of French.


Faculty-Led Programs

Faculty led programs take students to locations throughout the world for unique and life-changing study abroad experiences.

Argentina Flag

Terra Argentina: Exploring Biology and Evolution in South America

This four-week program will take students across Argentina via land, sea, and air to learn about science in nature's classroom.

Scotland Flag

Edinburgh Theatre Program

This popular bi-annual program always runs at full capacity and serves as an exclusive academic program for theatre majors.

Fiji flag

Fiji Program: The Mission at Natuvu Creek

Students learn about community health and engagement through classes and service learning at a medical mission in Fiji.

Flag of Japan

Japan Perspectives Program

Immerse yourself in one of the world's most unique cultures while gaining a deeper understanding of the global economy.

Uganda flag


Paris Olympics Program

The Summer Olympics program will focus on marketing and advertising to diverse audiences in a global context. Students will spend one week in Malibu and three weeks in Paris.




Summer Internship Programs

U.S. flag

Washington D.C. Internship

Just steps from the White House, spend your summer working in and exploring the nation's capital.

USA Flag

Washington D.C.  Changemaker Leadership Lab

 This immersive service learning program, which includes a trip to the Dominican Republic, invites you to learn the skills and innovations needed to take on the most important issues facing our world. 

U.K. flag

London Internship

Spend your summer working in and exploring one of the world's most internationally connected cities.


Switzerland Internship

A supervised internship set in a French or English-speaking organization.