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Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires GE 

Take classes while living with an Argentine family and being immersed in Latin culture.


Buenos Aires Upper Division Spanish

Improve your fluency in Spanish while touring the "Paris" of South America.


Florence GE 

Study Humanities in the city where the Renaissance was born and complete your other General Education requirements.


Heidelberg GE

Study in our first and oldest program city.

United Kingdom Flag

London GE

Study literature and history in the city where some of the world's greatest literary works were written, and where history comes alive.



London Harry Potter

Complete your literature GE while studying the Harry Potter book series in London.


London Hamilton Flag

This is our newest summer program from July 3rd - August 1st, where you will take HIST 204 and discover the meaning of the American past, as seen through the lens of the smash hit musical Hamilton. 



Lausanne GE 

Located on the north shore of beautiful Lake Geneva, the city of Lausanne is a bustling international city. Within a short train ride, students have access to the United Nations, the International Committee of the Red Cross, the World Health Organization, and Nestle's international headquarters.


Lausanne French Intensive

Enjoy speaking french daily while in the picturesque country of Switzerland.


China/Japan: Asia Tour 

With one of the world's fastest growing economies, China is the perfect place to spend a summer taking business and Asian studies courses.

Note: Due to visa restrictions, students who hold passports from certain countries may be unable to participate. Please see "Visa Requirements" on the China/Japan: Asia Business Tour page for more information.


Washington D.C. GE

Complete your American Experience GE requirements in our nation's capital.



Summer Faculty-Led Programs

These faculty lead programs take students to locations throughout the world for unique and life-changing study abroad experiences.


Jordan: Middle Eastern Studies 

Spend the summer in Amman, Jordan with the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities, discovering the culture of the Middle East.


East Africa

Engage and immerse in the culture and history of Uganda and Rwanda.


Edinburgh Theatre

Study and then perform in the cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh, Scotland.


Mission at Natuvu Creek: Fiji 

Students will have the opportunity to live on the shoreline of this beautiful island while assisting and serving daily at the Mission at Natuvu Creek. Students will also work in the local schools in an impoverished area of Fiji.