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Technology Abroad

Here you can find a large amount of helpful information regarding technology, and other service assistance while abroad!

 Renter's Insurance

Consider purchasing renter's insurance which covers lost, damaged, or stolen technology. Information can be found on this page.

 Safe Computing Abroad

Please review this PDF on safe computing abroad.


The Pepperdine community has a free, global Wi-Fi service available in select location: Pepperdine Eduroam. This allows traveling students, faculty, and staff to connect securely to participating Eduroam Wi-Fi networks using their Pepperdine user ID and password.

Using Eduroam, your Wi-Fi devices will work the same as they do at Pepperdine's Southern California campuses, while providing a secure online experience. Before you travel, visit the Pepperdine Eduroam website for simple instructions to set up your Pepperdine Eduroam profile. If you have questions, please contact Tech Central at 310.506.4357.

Suggested Smartphone Apps


Mobile Phone Requirement: For health and safety reasons, all IP students are required to obtain a mobile phone that can make and receive calls and text messages at all times. Students must either ensure that their  phone service provider will provide them with an international calling, texting and data plan for all countries students are planning to travel to or obtain a phone or sim card immediately upon arrival to the host country.  Students cannot rely on wifi exclusively for connectivity. Visit each program page for details on local phone and service plan options within the 'communication' section: Buenos Aires | Florence | Heidelberg | Switzerland | London


WhatsApp Messenger:

  • Must downloaded and set up in the US
  • Uses wifi to send texts, voice messages, photos, videos and make calls to individuals or groups
  • Why you need this app: WhatsApp is an all-encompassing platform for communicating with anyone, whether they are abroad or back home. Texts and calls are all free worldwide when connected to wifi. While iMessage limits users to free messages between iPhones, WhatsApp is available for iPhones as well as Androids, which makes it a conveniently app for group messages. Additionally, if you make any new friends from your abroad location, chances are they will want to chat via WhatsApp - most people from other countries use this instead of regular texting or iMessage!
  • Download here.



  • Must be downloaded and set up in the US
  • Secure and user-friendly platform for sending and receiving money virtually with the option of connecting to credit and debit accounts
  • Why you need this app: When traveling with others, you will always end up either owing someone else money, or someone else will own you money. This app comes in very handy for balancing debts and recovering assets.
  • Download here.

XE Currency:

  • Allows you to download currency exchange rates and easily convert any amount from one currency to another without wifi
  • Why you need this app: Very convenient when shopping, especially while traveling where the currency may be different than the one in your abroad location.
  • Download here.


Sygic Travel:

  • Allows you to build a completely customizable day-to-day itineraries with estimated travel times and walking distances, summaries of points of interests' history/importance, map feature, weather, and options to book tours, hotels and rent cars
  • Your trips sync automatically between your mobile devices and web planner
  • Why you need this app: Don't miss a single top site or local hotspot! Simply select your destination city, input travel dates and either chose from pre-created itineraries or create your own by selecting your accommodation, sites that you want to see from a list of popular places, or any other location around the city. The app does the rest by organizing your POI into a logical order based on location and proposed allotted time for each place.
  • Download here.


  • Compare prices and ratings of hotels, restaurants, sites and airfares
  • Use the app's "Near me" feature to discover places near your current location
  • Why you need this app: When it comes to recommendations, this app has it all. Eat, stay, travel and sightsee how you like with millions of traveler reviews, photos and maps.
  • Download here.


  • Find out where other people your age enjoyed eating, staying or going out with friends as well as insider information, such as where to find the best view overlooking the city, great hikes and how-in-the-wall spots
  • Use the "Groups" feature to sort places and find what you are looking for
  • Why you need this app: This is a new app, so as a database, it is not yet up to par with more established recommendation and planning apps. However, it has the potential to make use of untapped knowledge by establishing a platform exclusively for reviews written by students studying abroad. The idea behind the app is simply that "students want to know of restaurants, bars, things to do, etc that other students recommend" and its purpose is to find a way of "organizing, compiling, and ranking student-driven reviews". With more time and use, this could become a great resource for students abroad.
  • Download here.


Google Maps:

  • Map application with ability to download entire cities, which can be accessed outside of service and wifi, as well as marking locations on a map to view offline
  • Shows current location even outside of service and wifi and use explore feature to find top sites and restaurants in your area (need internet for this)
  • Why you need this app: Traveling without service does not mean you need to be completely dependent on wifi! Plan ahead and download a full city onto your mobile devise before you get there to have access to all of its locations and points of interest like you would if you had service with the app's offline map feature. Never be disoriented, with Google Map's GPS marker, which places you on the map even while offline. You can also make use of the real-time transit info and schedules.
  • Download here.


  • Must be downloaded and set up in the US
  • Order ride service from anywhere (in available cities)
  • Why you need this app: The most convenient, and usually cheapest, way to get a ride wherever you are! Fare-splitting feature allows for easy division of cost. The Pepperdine abroad locations in which Uber is available are Washington DC, Switzerland, London and Buenos Aires. You must have internet connection to use this app.
  • Download here.


  • User-friendly platform for finding and comparing the cheapest days and months to travel with color-coded calendar and chart view
  • Need inspiration? "Everywhere" feature shows cheap flight options to places around the world
  • Looking for the cheapest flight to anywhere? "Top Deals" feature shows the best deals from your nearest airport
  • Why you need this app: Find the most inexpensive flights and cheapest days on which to travel on this one simple platform. Turn on notifications for price alerts when prices change so you never miss a deal
  • Download here.

Airline specific apps (Virgin, Ryanair, EasyJet, etc):

  • Easily access your flight information
  • Airline apps often eliminate the necessity of printing your flight ticket
  • Get updates on delays and baggage loading confirmation



  • Search for accommodations by city or current location
  • Filter your search by price, property type, facilities and more and sort results by price, rating, distance to city center or name
  • Why you need this app: This is your one stop platform for finding and booking budget accommodation! Find exactly what you're looking by searching and comparing over 35,000 hostels, hotels and B&Bs around the world. Read customer reviews, view pictures and compare locations, descriptions, facilities and rankings all on one convenient website/app.
  • Download here.


  • Find a vacation home anywhere around the world and easily manage bookings and messages from the app
  • Choose from booking a shared room, private room, or entire place and view descriptions, pictures, home and host reviews, amenities, location and more to find your ideal place to stay
  • Why you need this app: Whether you want an inexpensive flat or wish to rent out a house with some friends, you can find what you're looking for on Airbnb. Safely rent from a verified local host and discover a more authentic side of your destination.
  • Download here.


Google Translate:

  • Translate between languages by typing, instant camera translation or importing photos
  • Some languages can be translated without internet connection
  • Why you need this app: Can't quite come up with the right words? This app will give them to you in a flash, with text translation between 103 languages. Though not the as thorough as some other dictionary resources, Google Translate takes gold for its convenience and easy accessibility.
  • Download here.


  • Practice reading, writing, speaking, listening, conversation on this interactive, user-friendly platform
  • Why you need this app: The most popular way to learn languages, Duolingo makes learning feel like a game, boosting motivation and fun! With over 30 languages to choose from (all for free) you'll find yourself quickly mastering one level after another on your way to fluency.
  • Download here.

  • Complete digital translation dictionary
  • Download full languages for full use offline
  • Why you need this app: Never be at a loss for words and get this full dictionary at the tip of your fingers. Look up words both online and offline by downloading the language onto your phone.
  • Download here.


International SOS: 

  • All IP students should already have this 
  • Download here.



  • Keep track of where you have been on this visually appealing app, by tracking countries as well as US states
  • View visited locations on a map or list, as well as ratios of visited countries for each continent
  • Lists and maps can be synced across devices using iCloud and shared on social media

 Europe (General)

Rail Planner Eurail/Interrail:

  • Find all possible train options for getting to your destination at a given date and time and view offline timetable information for international European trains and connections
  • Allows you to reserve seats on some trains (not most), find train stations near current position and save your most frequent searches
  • Why you need this app: This app has everything you need to plan a train trip and is especially useful if you have a Eurail train pass. Simply type your starting station and final destination, and the app will give you direct and connecting options, including total travel time, connection times, train type and number and number of intermediate stops.
  • Download here.


  • App allows for easy booking, displays mobile tickets on your smartphone and provides address of exact bus stop location
  • Many buses offer free wifi
  • Why you need this app: If you're looking for a cheap, quick and convenient way to get around Europe, Flixbus is a great option. Based in Germany, the company operates throughout Europe offering frequent departures and inexpensive fares, depending on time and location.
  • Download here.



  • RNV Start.Info:
    • This app has all the real time information for local public transportation in Mannheim, Ludwigshafen and Heidelberg
    • View departure times for all lines by searching for your desired departure point
    • Download here.
  • DB Navigator:
    • Book and search for all trains within Germany with the Deutsche Bahn app
    • Display your mobile ticket on your phone, reserve your seat on the train, change or cancel your booking and sign up for notifications about delays
    • My trips section has all trip details about your travels including departure and arrival times, transfers, real-time information and alternative connections
    • Download here.


  • SBB Mobile:
    • Offers timetables and allows for ticket purchase for trains in Switzerland
    • Activate GPS function to locate stops in your current vicinity
    • Download here.


  • Tube Map - London Underground:
    • Includes a real-time route planner which can be used with our without internet connection, as well as live updates on delays and service changes (accessible only while online)
    • Finds closest Tube station to where you are
    • Allows for the comparison of journey time and cost for different transportation options around London
    • Download here.
  • Deliveroo:
    • Order food from around the city and get it delivered to you quickly, searching by cuisine, category, restaurants for your post code or fastest delivery time
    • Track your order from cooking to delivery in real time and receive notifications on delivery status
    • Why you need this app: Explore London's food scene from the comfort of 56 Princes Gate! This is your app for those lazy or busy days when you want good food, but you can't bring yourself to go out and get it.
    • Download here.

Buenos Aires:

  • BA Subte:
    • Provides all information for Subte (underground metro) routes and stations
    • Download here.
  • BA Cómo Llego:
    • Search for your destination by address or name and find the easiest way to get there by bus, subway (metro), train, car, bike or foot
    • Gives detailed step-by-step instructions including estimated times, fares and distances
    • Why you need this app: Get around Buenos Aires in the fastest, cheapest and more convenient way possible.
    • Download here.

Washington D.C.:

  • Washington DC Metro Route Map:
    • Smoothly navigate the Metrorail, with the interactive map and route planner
    • View length of journey times, waiting times and live transport updates
    • Download here.