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Logging Travel with MyTrips

MyTrips Registration

The 4 steps needed to use 'My Trips'

  1. Create a user account if you already haven't used this service prior. Please do not forget your password, you will need it while abroad. Watch this video for instructions. Each user needs to create a user profile by entering his/her information at this exact link:
    Once you have created a user profile you can access MyTrips using the shorter website
  2. Create or edit your profile to match your upcoming abroad program. Read below and watch this video for instructions. Use this image as an example.
    • Home Location: Choose your country of citizenship; if you have dual citizenship, choose the country of the passport you are using to travel to your program.
    • Please select a School: Seaver
    • If member of Seaver College or the School of Law: Seaver: International Programs
    • If member of Seaver International Programs: Choose your abroad program location
  3. Create and modify travel plans
  4. Setting Program Location & Term
    • Someone may do this for you. In case you are asked to complete this step, contact us for specifics. You must make separate trips for fall and spring programs because we want to make sure that you are not in one of our study abroad programs during winter break.

Once you have registered yourself, log all travel on your MyTrips account.

Common MyTrips Mistakes:

  1. Entering flight/train paths: Because of issues we have had with ISOS TravelTracker, please do NOT enter flight, rail, or ground transportation information. Only fill in the accommodation section. For location: enter city and country. These restrictions are due to systems issues we are working with the vendor to correct.
  2. Ensure month/date/year are correct: Make sure all your trips have the correct end dates to them, paying special attention to choose the correct month and year.
  3. Remember to fill out My Trips even when staying in country: You must fill out My Trips every weekend school is in session as well as travel breaks, whether or not you are traveling. The only exception is during the EFT when your My Trips will be filled out for you.
  4. Be careful to input the correct location: Simply write city name and country and choose the correct location in the drop down menu. Don't try putting in the specific address because we have had system issues. 
  5. Don't enter a trip multiple times: Only log each trip once. If you are having trouble entering a trip and refresh the page, or exit your browser and re-enter your trip, go into your account to make sure there is only one trip saved. You can delete a trip or make a trip inactive on the bottom of your profile page.

Helpful Tip

  • Forget your password?: Because International SOS is an outside service, if you forget your password you will need to email from your Pepperdine email account and ask them to reset your password. Neither the Malibu IP Office nor your program staff is able reset your password for you. If you enter the wrong password too many times you will be locked out of your account, so be sure to remember or write down your password.