International Programs Ambassadors

What is an Ambassador?

An IP ambassador is a current Seaver student who has recently returned from a Pepperdine International Program. An ambassador's main function is to act as a student representative of IP, sharing their experience and knowledge of current programs. Ambassadors meet with interested students and groups, and they act as guides throughout the International Program pre-departure process and will begin re-entry programs.

Coffee Hours with the IP Ambassadors:

This is an opportunity for anyone in the Pepperdine community to visit the International Programs Office (TCC 131) to ask program-specific questions with the ambassadors. These student representatives are excited to share their experiences with you and to help you navigate your own IP adventure! See the contact information below for each ambassador's office hours.


2019-2020 International Programs Ambassador Team


Ashley Stephens

Lead Ambassador

IP Office Hours:

Tuesday, 11-1 and Friday, 8-12


Zoe Forbes

Buenos Aires Ambassador

IP Office Hours:

Tuesday, 8-11 and Thursday, 8-10


Kimberly Brooking

Florence Ambassador

IP Office Hours:

Wednesday, 2-5 and Thursday, 10-12


Kyla Lucey

Heidelberg Ambassador

IP Office Hours:

Monday, 2-5 and Friday, 12-2


Spencer Ovshak

Lausanne Ambassador

IP Office Hours:

Monday, 8-10 and Thursday, 3-5


Melissa Locke

London Ambassador

IP Office Hours:

Wednesday 11-2, and Thursday, 12-2


Brianna Bunchman

Shanghai Ambassador

IP Office Hours:

Monday, 10-12 and Friday, 2-5


Sarah Scott

Washington D.C. Ambassador

IP Office Hours:

Monday, 12-3 and Tuesday, 2-4