Madrid Language Intensive Program

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(This program is currently closed to new applications)

The Madrid Spanish Intensive Program

In this homestay program, students take a language pledge to speak only Spanish at all times. Students will attend classes at the University of Nebrija. 

Program Dates

May 3 - June 30, 2017


Course Requirements:

8 unit requirement. Students must take two out of the three Spanish language courses offered.

Course Offerings:

SPAN 390 - History and Culture of Spain (4 units)

Prerequisite: SPAN 252

  • Spanish history and civilization from the earliest time to the present. Students attend lectures, participate in discussions, and do field work in the environs of Madrid. Taught only in Madrid.

SPAN 350 - Advanced Conversation (4 units)

Prerequisite: SPAN 252

  • A follow-up to the more basic Conversation and Phonetics course. Provides continued conversational practice in a native setting with emphasis on the nuances and vocabulary of the culture in which it is taught. This is a performance and practice course which may be repeated. Only four units can be counted toward the major.

SPAN 450 - Spanish Texts (4 units)

Fulfills Literature GE (RM and WI); Prerequisite: Two courses from the SPAN 300, SPAN 341, SPAN 345 sequence

  • A survey style course that highlights key texts, movements, foundational authors, genres, and themes in Spanish (Peninsular) culture.


The Visiting Faculty


Dr. Paul Begin

Interim Chair/Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies, International Studies and Languages Division, Seaver College




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