2012 Innovation in Technology and Learning Grant Recipients

The Technology and Learning grant program offers competitive funding to Pepperdine's full-time faculty members to support and encourage innovation in the field of technology and learning. Eight proposals submitted in January were recommended for funding by a committee comprised of faculty from all five schools of Pepperdine.  The following proposals were funded for a total of $60,942:

2012 Grant Recipients

Anthony Collatos 21st Century Teacher Education: A Case Study of How Technology Can Foster a Community of Practice, by Dr. Anthony Collatos of GSEP
Charla Griffy-Brown Toward a Framework and Strategy for Academic and Learning Analytics to Enhance Enrollment and Student Success, by Dr. Charla Griffy-Brown of GSBM

Presentation: 2013 Technology and Learning Conference
Owen Hall Pepperdine Faculty Collaboration Network, by Dr. Owen Hall, Jr. of GSBM
Co-investigators: Dr. Kenneth Ko and Dr. Charles Morrissey

Presentation: 2013 Technology and Learning Conference
Article: MERLOT Journal of Online Learning and Teaching
Lincoln Hanks Korg Group Education Controller 3, by Professor Lincoln Hanks of Seaver College
Tim Lucas The Role of iPads in Constructing Collaborative Learning Spaces, by Dr. Tim Lucas of Seaver College
Stephen Parmelee A/V Equipment for Film Studies, by Dr. Stephen Parmelee of Seaver College
Garrett Pendergraft Enhancing Student Learning Through Social Elements and Game Mechanics, by Dr. Garrett Pendergraft of Seaver College
David Smith Implementing Box: A Cloud-based and Interoperable File Management Solution, by Dr. David Smith of GSBM

Presentation: "Cloud Storage for Collaboration"

The grant program has been established by the offices of the Provost and the Chief Information Officer, and is administered through the Technology and Learning department.