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Faculty Professional Development: 2020

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During the summer of 2020, we announced several faculty certificate programs.  Participants received a certificate for successfully completing the program requirements.

Flipped Classroom Certificate and New Advanced Flipped Classroom Certificate

The Technology and Learning team partnered with Dr. Chris Heard, Director of Seaver's Center for Teaching Excellence, for two four-day certificate programs focused on "flipped classroom" and "backward design" pedagogies.  The programs were designed in the flipped style for a unique certification experience.  During the sessions, participants practiced with an array of technology tools, collaborated with their colleagues, and discussed how flipped approaches continue to evolve..

We offered a "Flipped Classroom Certificate" program and also a brand new "Advanced Flipped Classroom Certificate." Learn more about these flipped teaching offerings.

Hybrid Teaching Certificate Course

The summer 2020 Hybrid Teaching Certificate program was a six-week course offered by the Technology and Learning team. Attendees learned experientially how to navigate content and activities in online and face-to-face learning environments.  Faculty participants gained valuable skills and strategies to implement instruction for both modalities and explore several tools that can enhance student engagement and collaboration. Learn more about these hybrid teaching offerings.


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