Webinar: FERPA Essentials for Faculty

FERPA Webinar

FERPA Essentials for Faculty

FERPA stands for Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Faculty members and school staff members often have questions about what is protected, what is permissible, and other questions. This recorded webinar will define FERPA, explain its framework and purpose, and offer guidance on its impact on faculty and school staff members.

Running Time: 1 hour, 29 minutes

  • Introduction and Opening: start to 0:04:10 (4 minutes, 10 seconds)
  • FERPA Framework: 0:04:10 to 0:06:20
  • What is and is not an education record? 0:06:20 to 0:27:45
  • Questions: 0:27:45 to 0:32:10
  • When and to whom may education records be disclosed? 0:32:10 to 0:55:15
  • Questions: 0:55:15 to 1:01:12
  • What rights do students have to see or amend their own records? 1:01:12 to 1:05:18
  • FERPA implications on educational technologies? 1:05:18 to 1:13:11
  • Practical Tips: 1:13:11 to 1:19:25
  • Questions: 1:19:25 to 1:29:25

How to Access

You must login to your Pepperdine Google account in order to access this video. The recording and its materials are licensed from Academic Impressions for the use by Pepperdine University faculty, staff, and students only. Due to this, we are securely hosting the video and materials on Google Drive and limiting access to only Pepperdine University users.  We cannot share the recording with any non-Pepperdine Google accounts.

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Webinar Materials

Pepperdine Addenda

Per the Office of Student Information and Services (OSIS):

  • All FERPA presentations are general in nature. Compliance is very important. Faculty members are encouraged to seek guidance on specific issues by contacting Bryan Reeder of OSIS.
  • For official university business, only an official Pepperdine University email message (e.g. firstname.lastname@pepperdine.edu) is considered acceptable. Students should be instructed to only submit requests via their official Pepperdine University email account.
  • The Office of Student Information and Services (OSIS) has a mechanism to verify whether a parent is indeed the parent of a given student and to what information (if any) the student has granted access for the parent. Faculty members should first check with OSIS before releasing any information to a parent.

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