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Faculty Workshops and Seminars

Workshop and Seminar Descriptions

Pepperdine IT's Technology and Learning team offers a variety of free workshops and seminars for faculty and academic support staff members.

We also offer custom training opportunities for your school or academic program. If you are interested in a custom workshop, please contact us to schedule a session.

Recorded Webinars & Workshops

Did you miss one of our past events? Several recordings of our sponsored webinars are available to the Pepperdine community.  Please select a topic below.

Copyright and Faculty Rights in the Classroom

Do you have questions about what is legal to use freely for teaching purposes in the classroom or online? In this recorded webinar, speakers from Duke University and Rhode Island School of Design review the use of copyright for teaching in both live and online classroom environments. They cover what is legal by statute and what is eligible for fair use exceptions as well. We strongly recommend this content for all faculty. Watch the Copyright recording.

FERPA Essentials for Faculty

Every faculty or staff member that has access to educational records needs to know about FERPA. In this recorded webinar, an expert on the topic explains what FERPA is, what constitutes an "education record," when information can be disclosed, and the rights of students to their records. Similar to the faculty copyright webinar, this is a must-see seminar for all school personnel. Watch the FERPA recording.

Online Course Accessibility Training for Faculty

This two-part webinar shares steps and ideas to make your online course materials more accessible for students that have accommodation needs. Whether you teach a fully-online or blended/hybrid class, or simply enhance your traditional class with online materials, this information can help you create and design content for multiple learners. Watch the Accessibility recording.

Authentic Assessment Strategies for Online Teaching

Online instruction continues to thrive, but instructors and designers struggle to develop effective forms of online assessment. How can an instructor know if students are meeting course objectives or achieving area competencies if tests and quizzes are not primary assessments? How can you ensure academic integrity and curb online cheating? What other forms of assessment are particularly effective in an online environment?  In this webinar, you'll learn how to design and develop assessment tools in online instructional environments. Watch the Authentic Assessment recording.

Hybrid Learning Course Design and Faculty Development

This webinar includes: an overview of the hybrid model and the 21st-century learner; guidelines and best practices for institutional implementation: marketing to students, student readiness, and quality assurance; and a ready-to-use hybrid redesign program. This webinar is ideal for faculty, developers, instructional designers and technologists, and e-learning administrators at the developmental stages of adopting hybrid learning. Watch the Hybrid Learning Course Design recording.

Past Workshops

Getting Started: A 60-Minute Introduction to Courses

Pepperdine IT's Technology and Learning group is working closely with faculty to promote the use of Courses (powered by Sakai). Register for this workshop to learn the basics of accessing and working with Courses as well as how this new learning management system can facilitate learning in your course. This workshop includes both instructor-led portions and hands-on experience. This workshop is recommended for beginners.

  1. Introduction: Why use Courses? Learn pedagogy tips.
  2. Courses demonstration: See what your course site can look like.
  3. Hands-on learning:
    • Logging into Courses
    • Organizing course tabs
    • Uploading your syllabus and documents
    • Reviewing the site home page
    • Learning the "Site Info" tool (adding participants, roles)
    • Adding or subtracting site tools
    • Using the Reset Button
    • Communicating to students
    • Publishing a Courses site
  4. Discussion and close

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Courses: Assignments (90 minutes)

With Courses (powered by Sakai), you can securely collect and grade student assignments online. In this session, we will explore the Assignments tool and touch upon other tools. You will learn how to set up an assignment, enable the Turnitin review service, download all submitted assignments, post grades and feedback, and release grades and feedback. We will briefly review Gradebook integration and the difference between the Assignments and Drop Box tools. Suggested Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of Courses (powered by Sakai).

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Courses: Gradebook (90 minutes)

With Courses (powered by Sakai), you can securely post grades and feedback for your students. In this session, we will explore the Gradebook and touch upon other tools. You will learn how to set up the Gradebook, enable categories and weighting, create a gradebook item, export/import grades, and more. We will briefly review grading in Assignments and how multiple tools (Assignments, Tests & Quizzes, and Forums) can link to your Gradebook. Please bring a copy of your syllabus. Suggested Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of Courses (powered by Sakai).

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Courses: Test and Quizzes (90 minutes)

With Courses (powered by Sakai), you can administer tests or quizzes for your classes. In this session, we will cover best practices for online quizzes and the pitfalls to avoid. Topics include: creating an assessment, question types, recommended settings, randomization options, feedback, Gradebook integration, and question pools (time permitting). Suggested Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of Courses (powered by Sakai).

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Getting Started: A 90-Minute Introduction to Google Docs

Can the cloud really help professors and students? In this workshop, we will explore the practical uses of Google Docs and how this online tool can help you and your students collaborate with ease. Topics will include: signing into Google@Pepperdine, creating documents, sharing documents, revision history, and importing from or exporting to Microsoft Word. Please bring a copy of your syllabus. This workshop is recommended for beginning or intermediate users.

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