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Hybrid Learning Course Design and Faculty Development

Hybrid Learning Course Design and Faculty Development


In this recorded webinar, Veronica Diaz of EDUCAUSE offers an overview of the hybrid model and the 21st-century learner; guidelines and best practices for institutional implementation: marketing to students, student readiness, and quality assurance; and a ready-to-use hybrid redesign program. This webinar is ideal for faculty, developers, instructional designers and technologists, and e-learning administrators at the developmental stages of adopting hybrid (aka "blended") learning.

Date of Event: March 24, 2011
Duration: 1 hr. 34 min.

How to Access

Access to this video is limited to current Pepperdine University faculty, staff, and students only. The recording and its materials are licensed from Academic Impressions. Due to this, we are securely hosting the video and materials on Google Drive and limiting access to only Pepperdine University users.  We cannot share the recording with any non-Pepperdine Google accounts.

NOTE: The link to the video has been removed until captioning can be added. This older video from 2011 did not include captions or subtitles and will not be available until captions can be provided.

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