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What Does It Do?

Podcasting allows professors to publish audio recordings to groups of people who wish to download or subscribe to them.

How You Can Use It

  • Publish episodic content regularly and automatically to subscribers.
  • Enable students to automatically download and access your recordings to their home or mobile devices.


Courses Podcasting

  1. Record an audio clip and save the file to your computer.  The best format is .MP3 for audio.
  2. Click the tab for your course or project site.
  3. Click "Podcasts" in the left menu.  If the tool is not listed, it's easy to add the tool.Sakai 12 Podcast Tool Image
  4. Click "Add."Sakai 12 Add Podcast Image
  5. Click "Choose File" to select the audio clip file on your computer.  Click "Open" to choose the file.
  6. Click the calendar icon next to the "Publish Date/Time" field to quickly select a publish date and time for the podcast.Sakai 12 Podcast Click Calendar Image
  7. Enter a "Title."
  8. Enter a "Description," if desired.
  9. Click "Add" to finish.Sakai 12 Podcast Tool Add Confirm Image

Subscribe to a Course Podcast via iTunes

  1. Click the tab for your course or project site.
  2. Click "Podcasts" in the left menu.
  3. Copy the web address (URL) for your site's podcast.
  4. Open your iTunes application.
  5. In the menu bar, click "File" and then "Subscribe to Podcast."
  6. Paste the web address (URL) from step 2 and click "OK."


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