Viewing Report Results

If you enabled the Turnitin feature in your class assignment, you can view the OriginalityCheck reports for your students. Reports often take 20-30 minutes after submission to appear, but can take up to 24 hours depending on the size of the document and whether the student is a new user.


Log into Courses and click on the tab for your course.

  1. Click the Assignments tool in the left tool menu.
  2. Click Grade under the assignment title. Note: at a glance, the "red ribbon" icon identifies an assignment configured to work with Turnitin. 
    Sakai 12 Assignments Tool Turnitin Grade Image
  3. There will be a Turnitin column in the list of student submissions. Once the report from Turnitin is available, there will be a flag icon in that column.
    For a quick overview, just look at the color of the flag icon. It is based on the percent that the student content is similar to other sources in the Turnitin search: Red 75-100; Orange 50-75; Yellow 25-50; Green 0-25; Blue exactly 0.Sakai 12 Assignments Tool Turnitin Red Flag Icon Image
  4. The report is available to view when grading the assignment by clicking the student's name in the above step.

  5. Click the flag icon to view the Turnitin report.Sakai 12 Assignments Tool View Turnitin Report Image
  6. The report will open in a new browser window. The report consists of two layers:
    • Instructor Feedback Layer: Allows you to mark-up and provide feedback on the document.
    • Similarity Layer: Allows you to view the similarity index and any flagged matching sources.

Click the match overview button within the Similarity Layer (see arrow on image below) to review the similarity index and matched source information. Note: you may encounter matches from multiple different sources. 

Sakai 12 Assignments Tool Turnitin Match Report Image


Clicking the matched source tab (e.g. "" in the above case) to open an expandable view of the full source. 

Additional Details

  1. In the "Instructor Feedback" layer, you can make quick standard markups, provide a feedback summary, or define a grading rubric.
  2. In the "Similarity Layer" layer, clicking the "descending bar graph" icon will reveal any other matched sources in order of descending similarity. You can also click the filter icon (the icon looks like a funnel) to exclude quoted text, a bibliography section, or matches below a certain percentage or number of words as defined by you. Be sure to click "Apply Changes" to update the current report or click "New Report" to generate a revised originality report with your new filters.
  3. The icons immediately below the Similarity Layer allow you to download the report to a file on your computer or view more details about the submission respectively.
  4. At the bottom of the document, you can click "Text-Only Report" to enter the text only view. In the "Text only" view, you can click the "DocumentViewer" button at the top left to return to the default view. 

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