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How to Record with Panopto for Windows in Courses

  1. Click on the "Panopto" tool in your Course site. Panopto Tool in Courses (Sakai)
  2. Click the "Create" button and then select "Record a New Session" in the drop-down menu. Create Record a New Session
  3. If you haven't downloaded the Panopto software yet, you will need to do so prior to creating recordings in Panopto.  Please see the screenshot below and install the Panopto software if necessary.  If you've already downloaded the Panopto software on your PC/Windows computer, you can skip this step and move on to step #4. Launch Panopto  
  4. Click "Open Panopto Recorder" or "Open Panopto" to launch the recorder. Open Panopto Recorder
  5. Recording Folder and Session Name
    1. Folder: Use the drop-down arrow to select the folder where your recording will be saved.
    2. Name: By default, the name of the session is the date and time you record the session, but you can rename the session in the Session text box. Session Settings Folder and Name
  6. Choose your Primary Sources
    1. Video: Integrated Webcam is recommended
    2. Audio: Default option is recommended
    3. Quality: Default option is recommended
    4. Capture Computer Audio: Enable this setting to capture audio from your PC
    5. Volume Bar (Audio Volume): The color bar reflects the volume of the audio being captured.  Note: You can use the slider to adjust the volume if/when necessary. Primary Sources Video, Audio, Quality, Capture Computer Audio, and Volume Bar (Audio Volume)
  7. Choose your Secondary Sources
    1. Capture PowerPoint: Select this option when using a PowerPoint presentation.
      1. If your PowerPoint contains an embedded video or motion in any of the slides, "Capture Main Screen" must also be enabled in order to capture that content (see screenshot below). Secondary Sources Capture PowerPoint Capture Main Screen 
      2. You also have the option to open your PowerPoint presentation from the recorder by selecting "Capture PowerPoint" in the secondary sources area, and then clicking "Open a Presentation" to launch PowerPoint (see screenshot below). Primary Sources  Open Presentation
      3. If you want to launch the PowerPoint as soon as you select "Record", click "Yes", "Begin Recording after PowerPoint Opens" (see screenshot below).  Note: In order to properly record PowerPoint presentations, after you have launched PowerPoint, you must have it in full-screen presentation mode. Begin Recording after PowerPont Opens Yes
    2. Capture Main Screen: Select this option for screen captures.
    3. Add Another Video Source: If you have more than one camera plugged into your computer you can utilize this option. Secondary Sources Capture Main Screen Add Another Source
    4. Google Slides: There are multiple ways you can record audio & video with Google Slides in Panopto.
      1. Option 1: To capture your Google Slides presentation as a screen recording, use the "Capture Main Screen" option. Because Google Slides is browser-based, once your presentation is ready, you can bring it up and share it from any web browser.  Make sure you've selected to record the screen with your slides presentation as well as your video and audio sources, and click the red record button.  Panopto will capture everything you show, automatically sync your webcam or other video inputs, and make everything ready to share in seconds.
      2. Option 2: Capture your Google Slides presentation as a PowerPoint file.  Google Slides can export any presentation as a .pptx file, ready to load into PowerPoint.  Once you've saved the new file, to record you simply open Panopto, opt to record from PowerPoint, and click "Record".
  8. Screen capture ResolutionTo adjust the resolution of your screen capture select the Resolution drop-down menu. 
    Resolution Dropdown
  1. Starting, Stopping, and Pausing
    1. Click this button to Start your Recording.  Note: Once you start 'recording' the Record button will automatically become the Stop and Pause buttons.
    2. Click this button to Stop your Recording.
    3. Click this button to Pause your recording.  Note: To have a section of your recording automatically edited out of the recording, select Pause.  While the recording is paused, Panopto will continue to record, but that section will be edited out of the final version of the recording.  Keep in mind you can always get this content back by using the editor. Record ButtonStop and Pause Button
    4. When you are done recording, select "Stop" and you will have the option to "Delete and Record Again" or keep the recording by selecting "Done". Recording Complete Delete and Record Again or Done
  2. After Recording is Completed - Recording Statuses
    • Once you've stopped recording and clicked the "Done" button, you will be taken to the Manage Recordings tab where you will find three sections of recordings.
      1. Offline Recordings do not have a folder selected in Panopto, so they are only stored to your computer.  You can select Upload to Server to select a folder and add the video to your library.
      2. Currently Uploading Recordings will show the video that was just recorded and its upload status.
      3. Uploaded Recordings will show previous recordings and their assigned folder.  If you have access to the video in the library, you can open the video or settings using View, Edit, or Share, and you can also continue recording to the same session by selecting Resume.  Note: If you need to free-up space on your computer, you can select Delete Local as long as you no longer need the recording to be stored on your computer.  If you delete a recording that has not yet been uploaded to the server, that recording will be lost.  Screenshot of Offline Recordings Currently Uploading Recordings and Uploaded Recordings 
  3. Resume a Recording
    1. If you were recording a session and stopped before you were finished recording, you can resume the recording from within the Panopto recorder in the Manage Recordings tab, as shown in the screenshot below. Manage Recordings
    2. You can also resume a recording from the Panopto tool in Courses (Sakai).  In the Panopto tool in your course site in Courses (Sakai), locate the session you want to resume recording, hover over it, and click the "Settings" button that appears as shown in the screenshot below. Settings
    3. In the Settings window that appears, scroll down to the Actions section and select "Resume" (see screenshot below).   Note: You may be prompted by your browser to confirm that you would like the Panopto application to open before it will launch.  Resume and Record
    4. After you click "Resume", the Panopto recorder will open and you can resume recording the session.  Please be advised your new recording will be added to the end of the old one.  Note: Panopto recommends waiting five seconds after you select the Record button and trimming out those five seconds in the editor when you are done recording to create a faded transition rather than one that gives the appearance that the video has skipped.  
  4. Warnings
    • There are two different warnings that may appear while you are recording: low audio and low disk space.  These notifications exist to help you resolve the problem so you can go back to recording a high quality video.  For example, if your audio isn't working properly, you will see a banner at the top of the recorder (see 1st screenshot below) and a pop-up on the desktop (see 2nd screenshot below).                                                                  Warning Your Primary Audio Source is Very Quiet or SilentNo Audio Detected

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