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About Us

Campus Recreation is an office in the the Division of Student Affairs at Pepperdine. Our main program areas are: Club Sports, Esports, Intramural Sports, Fitness and Wellness Classes, Weight Centers, and Outdoor Excursions. The diversity and variety of sport and fitness activities and recreational facilities available assure opportunities for individuals to participate, whatever their level of ability and experience.

Our Mission

Campus Recreation provides a wide range of facilities and community-building programs that equip the Pepperdine community to excel in academics, care for the body, and to carry out acts of service.

Student Learning

Much of student learning takes place outside of the classroom. Student Affairs departments, including this one, seek to support student learning and development such as:

  1. Practice healthy behavior in community with a diverse group of people and realize exercise benefits as they contribute to cognitive, physical, social and spiritual development.
  2. Understand the importance of team play and interaction in sports competition.
  3. Engage in God's creation through the practice of outdoor exploration and learn to adapt to new surroundings.
  4. Show an appreciation of the body and nature as God's creation.

View a specific list of Student Learning Outcomes of this department.