Tennis Club picPepperdine's Club Tennis team, started in 2011 by alum Calif Trinh has been a rapidly growing club on campus. Our competitive team is a member of the USTA Tennis on Campus league and competes in the Southern California region against other schools such as UCLA, USC, UC Santa Barbara, Cal Poly, and many others. Our season is all year long, culminating in a District tournament held in February and National tournament held in early April.

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We are a co-ed, student run team, and practice several times during the week, with tournaments played on the weekends about once a month. Our competitive team is looking for experienced players who love to compete and have fun. Most of all, our team is a tight nit community of players who love the game. If you are interested in joining, please contact current captains for more information. We hold tryouts the second Friday of the start of the semester.

We have a competitive and noncompetitive team. Both practices are on different courts and are at the same time: Monday 7:30-9:00 PM, Wednesday 6:30-8:30 PM, and Friday 4:30-6:30 PM. Practices are on the lower courts. Tryouts are for the competitive team.

For the competitive team, club fees range around $100-$150 per semester, depending on our team budget. For the noncompetitive team, club fees will range around $30-$60.

We are a TEAM! AYO WAVES!!! And for those participating in tournaments, we will always cater to those who are actively participating and showing determination in improving their game. For those who are absent, it is difficult to assess skill level, determination, and team spirit. Please let the captains know previous if you are unable to make it to practice.

Events will be posted regularly on social media so that team members are updated on what's happening. Emails are also sent out regularly. We work with the Malibu Racquet Club as well as the Crest Association when Fundraising and making connections with outside tennis members. These events are usually held once a month.



     If you missed the previous tryout and want to be on a competitive team, contact the current captains.

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Ayo Waves!

President competitive team - Laney Baum
Secretary - Blake Suard

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