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Program Overview

Our Season at a Glance


We compete in the NSSA Southwest College Team Division.  


  • Ventura Harbor Competition: 11/6/21 - 11/7/21
  • Huntington Beach Competition: 1/22/22 - 1/23/22
  • Seaside Reef Competition: 2/5/22 - 2/6/22
    • Two top 10 finishes
  • State Championships: Seaside Reef: 3/4/22 - 3/6/22
  • National Championships: Salt Creek: 6/17/22 - 6/19/22




The competitive Pepperdine Surf Team consists of 6 men short boarders, 2 women's short boarders, and a longboarder.

One must be able to surf at an advanced level to be selected during tryouts for the team and will then be eligible to compete in the NSSA Collegiate League.

Practice times and location depends on the swell and conditions. Practices will be twice a week and are an important aspect of team membership.

Practices are for surf team members only and are led by our head coach and team leadership.


Contact & Connect


Head Coach: 


  • Bryce Crane - Captain
  • Jeff Proodian - Captain

Social Media:

Contact our head coach or Julian Baker, Coordinator of Recreational Sports @ julian.baker@pepperdine.edu if you're interested in joining the Pepperdine Competitive Surf Team! You can also connect with the team on our Instagram.

Whether you are already attending Pepperdine or are a prospective wave, feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions. Can't wait to hear from you!


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