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Throughout each year multiple outdoor educational programs are offered with the objective of empowering students to engage in outdoor activities by giving them the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to safely participate in outdoor recreation. Such educational programs include “how to” clinics on various components of setting up campsites and essential gear, planning backpacking and camping trips, and how to leave as minimal an impact as possible when recreating outside. Additionally, presentations from wilderness experts have included topics such as personal inspirational stories, wilderness first aid and survival training, astronomy, sustainability, and botany. 

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In this section you can find an assortment of helpful resources to aid and support your outdoor adventures and education!

Local Hikes

We have so many incredible hiking trails located right here in Malibu and so we’ve created a DIY guide to some of the classics in the area! Remember to always check the weather before you go and always follow The Seven Principles of Leave No Trace anytime you go outdoors!

Ikon Pass Student Discount Program

As a participant in the Ikon Pass College Club Program, current Pepperdine students have access to special discount pricing for the Ikon Pass!

In order to qualify, you must be currently enrolled in and attending college classes at Pepperdine. Click on the link below to fill out the form and follow the instructions on how to request a single-use promo code. Upon approval, you will receive a unique promo code that is to be used for yourself only as it is registered to your name.