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Self-Care and Positive Coping




Self-Care Assessment - Are you practicing self-care in the important areas of your life?

RiSE Resilience Assessment - Provided by Pepperdine's Resilience-Informed Skills Education Program. Use this tool to understand what practices you currently do maintain self-care and identify next steps and a follow-up plan for wellness.

Lifestyle Behaviors Worksheet - How are you currently coping with stress in your life?

ABC's of Self-Care - A list of self-care practices.


TED Talks:

A Simple Trick to Improve Positive Thinking - Alison Ledgerwood explains an easy step that we can employ each day to improve our wellbeing and overall mental health.

How to Cope with Anxiety - A great video that describes everyday anxiety, anxiety disorders, and positive coping mechanisms.

Other videos:

Professor Smith's Video on Self-Care and Positive Coping - Pepperdine Professor Angela Smith, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, hosts a weekly topic talk.

3 Top Self Care Tips: Create Balance & Enjoy Your Life - An explanation of self-care and tips on what you can easily do to implement self-care as part of your daily routine!


Simple Self Care Podcast - "A podcast dedicated to simplifying the healing journey by aligning your self-care practices with your own inner wisdom and through the natural cycles outside and within." Episode 5.3 "Caring for Yourself in Times of Crisis with Becca Shern" is a great one for the COVID-19 times we are living in!

Untangle - Produced by the people behind the Meditation Studio app, these episodes focus on how to reduce stress, slow down, and feel peace and calmness.

The Happiness Lab - Great, shorter episodes that discuss COVID-19 stress and how to be well in this period of isolation. March 15th's episode "Beat Your Isolation Loneliness" is especially helpful to hear how we can practice social self-care and manage our relationships during the quarantine.

Not Another Anxiety Show - A podcast focused on all types of anxiety: what it is, how it presents itself in normal times as well as during crisis, and how to cope/manage it. Episode 205 "Mindfulness exercise and a quarantine pep talk with Erica" guides you through a mindfulness exercise during the quarantine.


COVID-19 and Self-Care/Positive Coping:
"COVID-19: Self-care crucial during times of anxiety, stress"
"10 Self-Care Tips to Cope with Isolation and Stress"
"Self-Care and COVID-19: Getting Ready for the Marathon"

General Self-Care/Positive Coping:
"20 Self-Care Practice for the Mind, Body, and Soul"
"Coping: Dealing with Life's Inevitable Disappointments in a Healthy Way"
"Coping with Life: Breaking Down Positive and Negative Coping Skills"


12 Self-Care Bowls to try!


Positively Present
Instagram: @positivelypresent
- Beautiful designs for self-care tips and coping methods
- Workbooks for self-care (25% off with the code: "selflove")

Self-Care is for Everyone
IG: @selfcareisforeveryone
- Spotify playlists
- Journal prompts, free guided meditations, anxiety/mental health support,
- Merchandise available for purchase

K. Nicole Writing
IG: @knicolewriting
- Free downloadable worksheets (affirmations, checklists, etc.)
- Helpful Links and Resources
- Blog posts and Videos

Anxiety Wellbeing Coach
IG: @anxiety_wellbeing
- Q & A
- Tips on managing anxiety