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Eligibility and Fees

The Counseling Center provides mental health services to any currently enrolled Pepperdine student. Spouses or family members of current students may participate in dyadic counseling (with the Pepperdine student) but are not eligible for individual counseling services.

Counseling, consultation, and psychiatric services are free for all students. Please contact the Counseling Center for more information.

Introducing Our Community-Based Model of Wellness

As part of the University's efforts to provide more holistic care for Pepperdine students, Pepperdine offers mental health, physical health, and fitness programs to all registered students.

To support this initiative, the University has a mandatory Wellness Fee for all Pepperdine students and eliminated most health and wellness fees students have paid in the past. Students who have not completed their degrees and have paid the wellness fee in the fall and spring semesters will maintain access to service during the summer.