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Reasons to Go

Clients come to the Counseling Center for a wide range of reasons, and ultimately with the hope that they will be able to feel and function better in the near future. Common client issues include: general anxiety and stress, difficult childhood and family experiences (past and present), relationship struggles, depression, homesickness, and eating and body image issues. Clients also come to the Counseling Center to work toward developing a better self-image, to explore existential themes (e.g. "What's my purpose?" or "Why am I here?"), or to achieve personal growth. The approach to such treatment varies from person-to-person, but may for some include a good deal of initial work involving the client's past experiences, and for others may emphasize current experiences. We hope to provide a supportive environment in which our clients are able to work toward their unique goals.

For more information on different problems you might be facing click on the topics listed below:

Anxiety Depression
Anger Management Transitions to and from Pepperdine
Peer Relationships Eating Concerns
Self-Injury Alcohol and Other Drugs
Stress Rape, Violence, and Trauma
Personal Identity Time Management
Managing Emotions Communication Skills
Separating from Parents Addictive Behaviors (Gambling, Sexual, Internet)