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Psychiatric Services

Limited psychiatric services are available for students who are receiving regular counseling services from the Counseling Center. An initial assessment with the psychiatrist is provided to students only by way of a referral from the student's regular therapist. Therefore, students cannot call the Counseling Center and ask for an appointment with the psychiatrist until they have gone through their initial intake appointment and started on-going therapy appointments with their assigned therapist. Clients must continue in therapy services on a regular basis with the Counseling Center in order to remain eligible for psychiatric services. 

At any time, students may choose to pursue psychiatric services outside the Counseling Center. If your schedule does not permit you to come to the Counseling Center during the psychiatrist's available hours, or if you do not wish to comply with the therapy requirement, this may be your best treatment option. The Counseling Center is glad to provide a list of community resources for you, though we are not able to make any guarantee about the fees or services associated with those treatment providers.  

For students taking psycho-stimulant medications, please read our policy on prescribing these medications.