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Alcohol & Drugs

Introduction to Substance Abuse Prevention, Assessment, and Recovery Services

Welcome to our services. Pepperdine University recognizes the dangers and potential academic impact of the use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs. The Counseling Center strives to provide education and services, when appropriate, for all students. For many, college is a time of exploration and new freedoms. As a result of these freedoms, some students experiment with or begin to use and abuse alcohol and other drugs. We also recognize that some students may arrive to campus with a history of using drugs and alcohol and already have dependency issues, including those students who are active in their recovery process.

For students with concerns about drug and alcohol use and abuse, the Counseling Center offers assessment, consultation, education programs, counseling, recovery support, and community referrals as needed, all with respect to student's confidentiality. Please call 310.506.4210 for further information.

Self Help Meetings

Malibu has a large number of self help meetings within 5 miles of campus. To find a self help meeting, click here!

Recovery Peer Support Group

Get the support you need on your alcohol or drug recovery. Share your experiences, get connected with your peers, and know that you are not alone. Contact the Counseling Center for detailed group information.