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Pepperdine Annual Notification and Biennial Review

In response to the 1989 Drug Free Schools and Communities Act, Pepperdine University has implemented a diverse cross-section of programs and services that address the individual, campus, and greater community regarding substance use/misuse.  Pepperdine conducts a review of these initiatives, called the Biennial Review, every other year by contacting each entity involved in the process to update the information, explore possible future endeavors, evaluate goal attainment, and recognize each program's strengths and limitations to ascertain further improvement. 

The university's Biennial Review includes the following components:

  • Annual written notification of AOD programs, policies, laws and sanctions and relevant statistics from recent student surveys.
  • Awareness, education, and other prevention oriented activities
  • Early intervention and lower risk alcohol and other drug abuse (AOD) assessment and treatment intervention
  • Referrals for higher risk (AOD) treatment, when indicated
  • Environmental change efforts aimed at preventing substance abuse and encouraging healthier alternatives

The Pepperdine University Alcohol and Other Drug Program supports the core values of the campus community by providing information to students, staff, and faculty that promotes healthy lifestyle choices, as well as emotional, social, spiritual and academic growth.

The most recent Biennial Review completed in 2022, can be found by clicking here.