Group Counseling

Spring 2021 Counseling Center Support and Workshop-Style Groups

The Counseling Center typically offers a number of choices for group counseling, including both skills-based and process-based groups. Group titles are listed below. Click here for full descriptions.

Available to Students Living in California

  • Thrive!
  • Understanding Self and Others
  • Finding Your Calm

Available to All International Students

  • International Student Support Group
  • Let's Talk

Support Groups (Available to all students)

  • Recovery Peer Support Group
  • Black Student Support Group
  • Graduate Student Support Group
  • School of Law Support Group

Psycho-Educational Workshops (Available to all students)

  • Deep Breath: Skills for Anxiety Management
  • Healthy Coping: Stress Management and Wellness
  • Mindfulness Group

What Should I Know about Group Counseling?

Group counseling can be a helpful experience for students. The power of group lies in the support and feedback given by other group members and by the therapists. Groups generally consist of between four and ten members, and are led by one or two therapists. While joining a group can feel intimidating, many mental health professionals believe that group treatment offers advantages which cannot be found in individual counseling or therapy. But don't worry, in a group you would not be coerced to speak about any issues you wish to remain private.