Online Course Request

Online courses are primarily intended for students enrolled in online programs at the Graziadio School. Students enrolled in on-ground programs may be granted access into an online course on a space-available basis. Requests are individually reviewed by the Program Office, and approval is not guaranteed. To ensure that your desired online course aligns with your overall program completion plan, please consult your program advisor prior to submitting your request.

Online Course Availability

The availability of online courses is determined by the scheduling needs of students enrolled in online programs. On-ground students may request access to online sections, but the following exceptions apply. 
  • BSM students: BSCI 468 must be taken in the on-ground format.
  • MBA students: BSCI 650/651 must be taken in the on-ground format and request can be made for only courses offered in the Online MBA program.
  • MSML and MSHR students: Please connect directly with your program advisor on the process for requesting an online course. 

Substantiating Your Request

Due to the limited availability of online courses, not all requests may be granted. Priority will be given to students who have a compelling and verifiable reason for not being able to enroll in an on-ground course, which may include one of the following: 
  • Work-related (e.g., relocation, travel demands)
  • Military duty
  • Personal medical/family care (e.g. birth/adoption of a child or extended care of a family member) 
  • Lack of availability of an on-ground section of the desired course, causing a delay in the student's program completion timeline
To substantiate your request, please forward any relevant documentation (e.g., letter from employer, medical reports, etc.) to your program advisor after submitting the request form. 

Expectations for Online Learning

  • If your request is approved and it is your first time enrolling in an online course at Graziadio, you must complete an online technology orientation. Students who fail to complete the orientation by the specified deadline will automatically be dropped from the online course in which they were enrolled. 

  • Online courses are taught using a combination of asynchronous (self-paced) learning activities and virtual synchronous interactions (VSI) in real time. Students are expected to participate in both realms.

  • The VSI schedule for each course is determined by the instructor and is available in the "search for classes" function in the Student Center. 

  • Questions about the VSI schedule and/or potential conflicts should be discussed directly with the course instructor.

Request Timeline for Summer 2019 Course Enrollment

Students are eligible to submit the request form on/after their assigned priority registration date, which is located in the Student Center within WaveNet. Requests submitted by March 15, 2019, will receive a response the week of March 25, 2019. Late requests will be reviewed on a rolling basis.


The final date to submit an online course request form for the Summer 2019 trimester was Wednesday, April 24, 2019.