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Webinar: Copyright and Faculty Rights

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Do you have questions about what is legal to use freely for teaching purposes in the classroom or online? In this recorded webinar, speakers from Duke University and Rhode Island School of Design review the use of copyright for teaching in both live and online classroom environments. They cover what is legal by statute and what is eligible for fair use exceptions as well. We strongly recommend this content for all faculty.

Running Time: 1 hour, 27 minutes

  • Introductions: start to 0:01:44 (1 minute, 44 seconds)
  • Copyright Framework: 0:01:44 to 0:11:20
  • Copyright in the Live Classroom (Statutory Exception): 0:11:20 to 0:18:17
  • Questions: 0:18:17 to 0:21:33
  • Copyright in the Virtual Classroom (Statutory Exception): 0:21:33 to 0:45:15
  • Questions: 0:45:15 to 0:52:00
  • Fair Use: 0:52:00 to 1:17:17
  • Summary: 1:17:00 to 1:18:45
  • Questions: 1:18:45 to 1:27:15

How to Access

You must have a Pepperdine University Panopto account to view this video.  The recording and its materials are licensed from Academic Impressions for use by Pepperdine University faculty, staff, and students only.  Due to this, we must limit access to Pepperdine community members with Pepperdine Panopto or Google Drive accounts.   We cannot share the recording with any non-Pepperdine users.

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