Add an Announcement in Courses

What Does It Do?

The Announcements tool allows you to compose and post messages in your class or project site that can also be sent by email to all site participants. This offers two ways to make sure your message reaches your students or colleagues.

How You Can Use It

  • Share details about new activities or to prepare participants for a class session.
  • Notify students of last minute changes (e.g. you are out sick or an exam has been postponed).
  • Announce changes to an assignment.


  1. Click the tab for your course or project site.
  2. Click "Announcements" in the tools menu.
    Sakai 12 Announcements Tool Image
  3. Click "Add" to begin adding an announcement.
    Sakai 12 Add Announcement Image
  4. In the "Post Announcement" window, enter the "Announcement" title and then add the announcement message in the "Body" text box.
    Sakai 12 Announcement Title Image
  5. Select to whom you want to display the announcement under "Access." The options are:
    • Only members of this site can see this announcement.
    • This announcement is publicly viewable. (This option allows you to send a link to the announcement to people outside the course, even outside your instance of Sakai, and the announcement will be viewable by them.)
    • Display this announcement to selected groups only. (This option will only appear if you have added groups to your site.)
      Sakai 12 Announcements Access Image
  6. Select when you want the announcement to be published under "Availability."
  7. (Optional) Click "Add Attachments" to upload any attachments you want to include with the announcement.
  8. (Recommended) To email the announcement in addition to publishing it, select a type of "Email Notification."

    Sakai 12 Announcement Email Notification Image

  9. Click "Post Announcement" to publish your announcement.Sakai 12 Post Announcement Image


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