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Attendance Tool

What Does It Do?

Allows you to take attendance for your classes.  

How You Can Use It:

  • Take daily attendance for classes or events
  • Privately share student attendance records for each student
  • View overall statistics of student attendance
  • Print either an attendance sheet or student sign-in sheet


Take Attendance

  1. Add the "Attendance" tool, if not already done. 
  2. Click "Attendance" in the left tool menu.Sakai 12 Attendance Tool Image

  3. Click "Take Attendance Now."  It will create a new attendance item for the current date and time.Sakai 12 Attendance Tool Take Attendance Now Image
  4. For each student, click the appropriate radio button (Present, Absent, Excused, etc.).  The tool auto-saves your attendance selections.
    • TIP: Use the "Mark displayed students as" drop-down menu to quickly mark all students as "Present."  You can then change the status for students that are absent, late, etc.  This is a real time saver!
      Sakai 12 Attendance Tool Edit Attendance Status Image
  5. (Optional) Click the speech bubble icon to add a comment, such as "excused athletics event" or "great contribution to class discussion today."  Click "Save" to record your comment for the student.
  6. To verify your selections, click the refresh icon next to the "Attendance Item Statistics" heading at the bottom of the page.Sakai 12 Attendance Tool Refresh Image
  7. Important Note: There is no "Submit" or "Confirm" button. Instead return to the main menu by clicking on the ATTENDANCE page title at the top of the page (see screenshot below).Sakai 12 Attendance Tool Take Attendance Link Image

Student Overview and Statistics

  1. Click the "Attendance by Student" button in the menu at the top of the window.Sakai 12 Attendance Tool Overview Image
  2. From here, you can observe the current statistics of student attendance since the first recorded entry.
    Sakai 12 Attendance Tool Student Overview Details

Changing the Order of Attendance Labels

  1. Click "Settings" in the menu at the top of the tool window.
    Sakai 12 Attendance Tool Settings Image
  2. Reorder labels by dragging and dropping.  Click on the move icon (3-line icon) to the right of each label to reposition them.
    Sakai 12 Attendance Tool Reorder Settings GIF
  3. (Optional) Deselect checkboxes to remove labels from listings. 
  4. Click "Save Settings" at the bottom of the window to finish.Sakai 12 Attendance Tool Save Settings Image

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