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How to Share Panopto Recording Links in Courses - Lessons Tool

What Does It Do?

Sharing Panopto content in the Lessons tool can provide an additional and/or alternative pathway for students to access and view content.  It's also important to be mindful of permission settings when utilizing this feature. 

How You Can Use It

  • Embed Panopto video content on a Lessons page.
  • Require students to view the video prior to proceeding to the next deliverables. 


  • If the Panopto tool is currently hidden in your course site, then instructors must unhide it.
  • Important: to view Panopto content, students must first sign in and authenticate by first clicking the Panopto tool in the tool menu.  Once this has been completed, students may navigate or return to the corresponding Lessons page and view the Panopto content.  This important step will be important to communicate to students. 


  1. Click on the "Panopto" tool in your Course site.
    Panopto Tool in Courses (Sakai)


  2. Locate the video/recording session you want to share, hover over it, and click the "Share" button that appears as shown in the screenshot below.
    Share Panopto Video 
  3. In the "Share" window that appears, click "Embed", and then click "Copy Embed Code" (see screenshot below).
    Embed Copy Panoptpo Video 
  4. Click on the "Lessons" tool in your Course site.
    Lessons Tool in Courses (Sakai) 
  5. Click the "Add Content +" tab at the top of the Lessons tool and then select "Add Text."                                                                                                              
  6. On the resulting page, click the "Templates" button within the Rich Text Editor. The "Templates" icon is the third button from top-left of the Rich Text Editor. 
  7. Within the "Content Templates" dialogue, scroll down and click the "Panopto Content Alert."The "Panopto content alert" is beneath the "Alert with Star" in the drop-down. 
  8. The Panopto Template will populate in the rich text editor. Make whatever changes or adjustments you would like to the contents of the alert.Place your cursor within the template to make any edits or changes. 
  9. One finished, click "Save" below the editor.                                                                                                                                                                             
  10. Click the "Add Content +" tab at the top of the Lessons tool and then select "Embed Content on the Page" in the drop down menu.
    Add and Embed Content in Courses (Sakai) Lessons Tool  
  11. On the resulting page, paste the embed code in the "Add a URL or Embed code" (see screenshot below).
    Paste Panopto Video's Embed Code  
  12. (Optional) Click "Don't Release Item Until All Prerequisites are Completed".  Learn more about Prerequisite items in the Lessons Tool.
    Don't Release Item Until All Prerequisites are Completed 
  13. Click "Save" to finish.
    Save to Finish


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