Courier Delivery Schedule


Mail Services will make one pick up and delivery per day to designated departments for business mail. Outgoing personal mail with postage already applied will be picked up at the same time. See Central Receiving to view Shipping and Central Receiving's delivery schedule.

Please note: Mail couriers cannot return to a department after they have already completed the daily pick-up. The schedule helps ensure everyone's mail is processed and delivered in a timely manner.

Actual time may vary due to workload, weather, and or major campus events. Schedules are subject to change as departments move and undergo renovations.


Morning Courier Schedule

Time Scheduled Location
8:20 AM
Student Activities
8:25 AM
Natural Science
  Tyler Campus Center (TCC) Building
8:28 AM
Student Mailbox Area (Newspapers Only)
8:30 AM
Dean of Students
8:31 AM
Volunteer Center
8:32 AM
Career Center
8:34 AM Bookstore
8:35 AM International Programs
8:36 AM Sodexo
8:37 AM Convo, Spiritual Life/University Chaplain
8:40 AM Church of Christ
8:42 AM Student Success Center
   Appleby Center
8:46 AM Social Science/Religion
8:47 AM Center for the Arts
8:49 AM Fine Arts
8:50 AM Humanities
  Center for Communication and Business (CCB) Building
8:55 AM Public Safety
8:56 AM Business Administration
8:58 AM Communications
9:00 AM Housing and Residence Life (HRL)
9:02 AM Student Health Center
9:03 AM Counseling Center
9:04 AM Student Accessibility
  Caruso School of Law
9:08 AM Caruso School of Law Mailroom
  Facilities Pad
9:14 AM
Facilities Office
9:15 AM
Shipping and Receiving
9:16 AM
9:17 AM
Special Programs
  Drescher Graduate Campus
9:30 AM Learning Center
9:35 AM School of Public Policy (SPP)
9:37 AM Graduate School of Education and Psychology (GSEP)
9:39 AM
Graziadio Business School (GBS)
9:41 AM
Executive Center
9:44 AM
Drescher Library
10:05 AM Athletics
10:20 AM Real Estate

Afternoon Courier Schedule

Time Scheduled Location
12:50 PM Thornton Administrative Center (TAC) 4th Floor
  Chief Business Officer
  Office of Institutional Effectiveness
  Auditing Services
  VP Human Resources
  Regulatory Affairs
  VP of Administration
  General Counsel
  Executive Vice President
  Vice Provost
  Senior VP for Advancement and Public Affairs
  Senior VP Chief Investment Officer
  President's Office
1:00 PM TAC 3rd Floor
  University Advancement Mailroom
  Dean of Faculty
  Seaver Dean
  Vice-Chancellor / SOL Dean Emeritus
1:10 PM TAC 2nd Floor
  Financial Aid
  Student Info Services (SIS)
  Payroll / Community Standards
  Office of International Student Services (OISS)
1:20 PM TAC 1st Floor
  Human Resources / Office of Insurance & Risk
  Entertainment Media & Culture
  B100 / B200
1:30 PM Payson Library
1:35 PM Pendleton Computer Center (PCC) Building
1:38 PM CISL?
1:40 PM Drop-off all mail at van to be taken to Mail Services? Van Drop-Off?
1:45 PM Advancement direct bag pick-up
1:50 PM Malibu Mail Services
  Calabasas Campus
2:20 PM Calabasas Mailroom
2:25 PM Deliver Direct Bag to Advancement?
2:30 PM Finance
3:00 PM Malibu Mail Services
3:15 PM Deliver items from Calabasas
3:30 PM Critical Mail Pick-Up
3:45 PM Malibu Mail Services, Critical Mail Drop-Off
3:50 PM Printing Services
4:35 PM Malibu Mail Services


Off-Campus Courier Schedule


Time Scheduled Location
8:15 AM Drescher - Graziadio Business School
8:20 AM Administrative Computing
8:25 AM Payson Library
8:30 AM TAC 4th Floor - VP Area
8:33 AM TAC 3rd Floor - University Affairs
8:35 AM TAC 1st Floor - Human Resources
8:40 AM TAC 2nd Floor - Registrar, Finance, Cashier
8:55 AM Warehouse - Printing Services - Gas
9:00 AM Malibu Mail Services
9:15 AM Leave for West LA Graduate Campus
10:00 AM West LA Mail Services
10:25 AM Leave for Irvine Graduate Campus
11:45 AM Irvine Graduate Campus
12:00 PM Leave for West LA Graduate Campus
1:00 PM West LA Mail Services
1:15 PM (Lunch)
2:15 PM West LA Library
2:20 PM Leave for Encino Graduate Campus
2:55 PM Encino Graduate Campus
3:00 PM Leave for Calabasas Graduate Campus
3:25 PM Calabasas Graduate Campus
3:35 PM Leave for Mailbu
4:10 PM Malibu Hand Deliveries
4:40 PM Malibu Mail Services