Moving Services

Moving Equipment, Furniture, & Miscellaneous


Moving services are provided free of charge for University business related moves. Moves are conducted utilizing professional equipment required to safely and securely handle University furnishings and equipment. Resources are limited and require sufficient advance notice of move requests. Typically, move requests need to be reviewed and walked by the moving staff to evaluate and estimate the full extent of the move. This should be done at least two to four weeks in advance of the move request. This will ensure a properly planned and safely executed move.

Requesting a move? Click here for the requestor move form.

Transporting Services (on campus)

Material Handling Staff are also available for picking up material for shipping, via common carrier, from the Central Receiving dock on campus. Please allow ample advance notice via your C2C requisition in order for your request to be handled properly.

Off Campus Services (prior approval required)

Material Handling Staff are primarily assigned for ON campus and extension campus moves and related services. In the event service requests occur for OFF campus projects, outside of the regularly serviced area, management preapproval must be obtained. In the event approval is obtained, there will be a minimal mileage fee for vehicle usage and possibly staff overtime charges. We would recommend a phone call to the Warehouse manger be initiated prior to any plans and schedules being established. The C2C requisition will also need to be submitted should approval be obtained.

Non-university related moving services:

In the event moving or storage services are needed (not related to University official business), the following listing is provided to help locate some available resources. There are no guaranteed cost reductions due to past business with these companies, so no assumptions should be made regarding pricing schedules.

DISCLAIMER: This information is provided on an "as is" basis and the University makes no representations, express or implied, as to the accuracy, currency, or completeness of the information. The inclusion of a listing does not constitute the University's endorsement of the products or services. There is no assumed responsibility or fiduciary agreements between the University and suggested vendors. Contract at your risk only!


Award Moving & Storage, United Van Lines
2589 Calcite Circle
Thousand Oaks

Full moving services including equipment, staff and vehicles
Located near the intersection of Wendy Dr. and Tourmline
Phone: 805-495-8444