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Surplus Services


Surplus materials are tangible assets that belong to the University but are no longer of use to the department in possession. When the decision is made by the department in possession to remove the materials from use, they are declared surplus University property and notification is given to Warehouse Services of the intent to declare the items as surplus. The only exception to this practice is computers and related data recording devices, which must go through the Information Technology Web form.

Requesting Items to be Removed for Surplus

Surplus item removal is requested through an internal req 

The following information must be recorded on the requisition:

  1. Comprehensive description and inventory of the items, including any manufacturer identifying numbers (model, serial, etc.).
  2. Who to contact and when the surplus items are to be picked up.
  3. In some cases, disposal fees may pertain to the processing of some items, which requires that an approved internal req account string be included. If disposal costs are required, Warehouse Services will contact the originating department or person.
  4. Surplus of University vehicles requires submission of the Declaration of Vehicle Surplus form. The form must be approved by the department head and forwarded to Warehouse Services.