Surplus Services


Surplus materials are, "tangible assets" belonging to the University which are no longer of use to the department in possession. When the decision is made by the department in possession to remove it from their use, it is to be declared surplus University property and notification is given to Warehouse Services of the intent to declare the item(s) surplus. The only exception to this practice is computers and related data recording devices. Those requests must go through the Information Technology Web form

For further information, please refer to the UNIVERSITY SURPLUS POLICY.

Requesting item(s) be removed for surplus

This is accomplished by forwarding a C2C REQUISITION to Warehouse Services. The following information is to be recorded on the requisition:

  1. A comprehensive description and inventory of the item(s), including any manufacturer identifying numbers (model, serial, etc.).
  2. Who to contact, here and when the surplus item(s) is to be picked up.
  3. In some cases disposal fees may pertain to the processing of some items. For this reason an approved C2C account string must be included. If disposal costs should become a factor, contact with the originating department or person will be initiated by the Warehouse.
  4. SURPLUS of University vehicles requires filling out a "Declaration of Vehicle Surplus" form. Please click here to obtain the form and fill it out with all the required information. It must be approved by the department head and forwarded to Warehouse Services.

University Surplus Disposition and Reuse

The Warehouse will make a determination if surplus items have potential for reuse by the University, or if sale or disposal is required. Items identified for reuse will be readily available to the University community. Warehouse Services will either provide photo posting available here (please click) for viewing or work with the party(s) seeking an item from surplus inventory.

Obtaining Surplus for reuse by the University

Surplus materials are available for re-use to all University departments. Requests for surplus materials are submitted with the C2C requisition. This should typically occur after an item(s) has already been identified and ear marked for the requestor.

If you are in need of assistance regarding surplus materials availability, please send an email to either Paul Perry, or Alan Contreras.

Sale of Surplus Materials

When surplus items are no longer of any use to the University, they are identified for disposal and either sold or discarded, depending on the potential for return value to the University. Items intended for surplus sale are first made available for sale to the University Community, and then made available to the public.

On occasion, support groups of the University (i.e. Associated Women for Pepperdine, Alumni, student organizations, etc.) will conduct surplus sales and transfer the proceeds to the University.