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Automotive Services

The Automotive Services department consists of a staff of trained mechanics who provide cost-effective repairs and maintenance to the Pepperdine University fleet and transportation vehicles.

Hours of operation: 
Monday – Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Contact Us:
Automotive Services Manager, Jimmy Carroll, 310.506.6309
Automotive Services, Kevin Armstrong and Mike Shafer, 310.506.6303


Preventative Maintenance (PM) Policy

Maintenance performed on University vehicles shall be coordinated through Automotive Services.

To ensure proper stewardship of University vehicles, vehicles are scheduled for PM based on time and mileage. The standard PM schedule for University vehicles is once per year or every 3,000 miles, whichever comes first.

It's the responsibility of the operator(s) of the University vehicle to monitor the PM schedule. This can be done by reviewing the Date and mileage along with the PM schedule label attached to the windshield of every University vehicle.

The department using the vehicle is responsible for contacting Automotive Services when the vehicle is due for PM.

PM includes an oil & filter change along with a 13-point inspection to include but not limited to brake check and replacement (if needed), tire pressure check, tire rotation, tire replacement (if needed) top off fluids, check suspension, check steering, charging system test, cooling and heating system and exhaust systems.


Vehicle Maintenance Procedure

The operator of the University vehicle shall contact Automotive Services if the vehicle has a mechanical and/or safety issue.

Automotive Services will arrange the time the operator may drop off the vehicle, or have the vehicle picked up, or have the vehicle towed to the Automotive Services facility.

The repairs will be completed by Automotive Services personnel or an authorized service provider approved by Automotive Services.

The keys to the University vehicle will remain in the Automotive Services and the using department will be notified when the vehicle is ready to be picked up.


Vehicle Repair Procedure

Vehicle maintenance costs for routine maintenance, small repair jobs, and/or large repair jobs are charged to the using department. Automotive Services does not charge labor costs to repair vehicles. Automotive Services does charge a surcharge depending on the type of repair (see below).

The surcharge covers but is not limited to Hazardous waste disposal, flat tire repair, anti-freeze, spray, degreasers/cleaners, grinding/abrasive wheels, adding fluids between service intervals, hardware (nuts, bolts, hose clamps, electrical connectors, etc.)

Automotive Services will contact the using department if additional vehicle parts are required due to accident damage and/or vehicle modifications; upon agreement, additional parts are charged to the using department.


Automotive Services Supplies Recharge

  • $5.00 shop supplies: smog tests, check and fill fluids on any vehicle, headlight replacement on any vehicle.
  • $20 shop supplies: (PM) Preventative Maintenance service, minor repairs, tire replacement
  • $30 shop supplies: Welding projects, RXR engines, transmission, or differentials.

Note: The above rates reflect the shop supplies surcharge. Additionally, all repair parts and/or fluids that are purchased for your vehicle will be billed at COST to the department owning the vehicle