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Package Concierge at Pepperdine

Your amenity for handling packages 24/7

Package Concierge® is the automated package management system for delivering and retrieving packages via smart lockers.


How it Works

Auto Registration

  • You will receive a welcome email with your unique username and PIN
  • Once you get these login credentials you are authorized by your Mail Services Team to begin using the system

Student Portal

  • Your welcome email includes a link to your web portal
  • Set your profile preferences such as email, text, or mobile app push notification options
  • When you're ready, place an online order addressed to your location

Package Notifications

  • The carrier (Amazon & UPS.) delivers your package directly to the Package Concierge® kiosk
  • When the package is delivered, you'll be notified per your profile preferences

Retrieve Packages

  • Only your personal 4-digit pin will be required or scan the barcode in your message
  • Your personal barcode is always in your mobile app if you simply want to use your phone app to log in
  • All smart lockers containing your packages will then automatically open — whether you have one package or five


  • If there is a package-related issue that requires physical intervention of some type, please follow the instructions provided by your Mail Services Team for resolution.
  • If you have a question about how to use the system or a problem with your account you can reach Package Concierge® support via email at or by phone at 888.989.7225



Package Concierge logo

  • Registration
  • Student Portal
  • Package Notifications
  • Retrieve Packages

Download the App for Free

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Student Web Portal Guide

  Login Screen
  • To log in, you enter your unique username and a 4-digit PIN (Personal Identification Number) and then click “submit”.
  • If you forget your username or PIN you can select the “click here” text below the “submit” button.
  Pin Reset
  • You can reset and change your PIN anytime. When a "reset PIN" request has been submitted, an email will be sent to you with the new PIN.
  • You can also reset your PIN at the kiosk interface should you forget it when logging in to retrieve a package. Your PIN reset message will arrive in your email the same as if you reset it using the portal. NOTE: PINs are optional at the kiosk and may or may not be required depending on Mail Services' preference. 
  Username Request

You may also request your username using your email address on file should you forget it. 

  Registration Process
  • When you receive your welcome email, it will tell you if you have been "auto-registered" to use the Package Concierge system, or if you need to log in to your portal and “actively register” to get started.
  • If your welcome email includes your unique username and a 4-digit PIN to log in you have been "auto-registered" and are ready to start using your Package Concierge®. Delivery carriers will see your name in the kiosk and be able to deliver for you and you will start receiving notifications and be able to retrieve your packages from the system.
  • If your welcome email includes your unique username and asks you to go to your student portal to set your PIN and complete registration you are in the “active registration” process.
  • Sometimes Mail Services chooses to charge fees for using the system to help defray expenses. If that is the case at your property you will be prompted to set up your credit card information for billing purposes in order to activate your account. Sometimes there is a one-time registration fee, or storage fee for not retrieving packages in a timely manner. Your Mail Services Team will inform you about the specific policies effective for your property.
  Account Summary
  • Once logged in, a student can view details of their profile and account under "account summary".
  • This screen provides student user information, dependents (if applicable), billing info (if applicable), and package history.
  Student Information Updates
  • A student can edit their profile settings in the "student/resident info" section. If the property has an automated integration in place to keep student data updated, any contact changes (email/phone) should be communicated to Mail Services so the source student management system can be updated. 
  • The student can change their “contact method” for notifications at any time. If the student would like to opt out of all notifications and simply use the mobile app, they can choose “none”. 
  Accessibility Feature
  • If you need to have packages delivered into the smart lockers for you in the lower compartments, you may check the “accessible” box in your profile.
  • This restricts smart locker selection for package carriers to compartments that are 48” or lower from the floor.
  • Carriers don’t see anything different when they deliver — the system privately manages access.